Raccoon attempts to rob woman in kayak

Raccoon Robbing A Girl In A Kayak

Hominidae and Procyonidae -- natural enemies since time immemorial. Read the rest

The raccoon learned not to dunk cotton candy in water

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A couple of days ago I posted a video of a raccoon that dipped a block of cotton candy in water and became confused when it dissolved instantly. What I didn't know is that the video was part of a longer video that shows that the raccoon learned on the third time not to dip cotton candy in water. Read the rest

Raccoon tries to wash cotton candy, but it dissolves instantly

This raccoon found a chunk of cotton candy. When the animal dipped the cotton candy into a puddle to wet it, the chunk dissolved, and the raccoon was like, wtf?

Why do raccoons dip their food into water? It's not to clean it, and it is not to soften it. How Stuff Work says raccoons wet their food as a way to give them "a more vivid tactile experience and precise information about what they're about to eat." Read the rest

This raccoon bangs a rock against a glass door when she's hungry

After a minute or so, I started wondering why this lady won't stop talking about how cute this mommy raccoon is and just give her some food. [via] Read the rest

Raccoon sweeps the floor

Looks like Disney wasn't lying when they portrayed forest animals helping clean homes.

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Raccoons have the most appalling table manners

These guys fucking love milk.

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Raccoons occupy crane

KING-TV reports that raccoons have established their home in the cab of a huge tower crane, bringing its construction project to a halt. The raccoons are big ones, locals allege: "The thing was like a dog," said Lumber worker Trent Kristjanson. Read the rest