Ready Player One author Ernest Cline to host pilot of Geek Out TV show

The premise for AMC's Geek Out (working title) sounds fun. The pilot will be hosted by Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, one of my favorite science fiction novels.

Geek Out will feature Cline and his co-host as they pay it forward by traveling the country and surprising obsessed fans. Whether it be the guy who turned his apartment into an exact replica of the Starship Enterprise, the comic book fan whose body is covered in X-Men tattoos, or the suburban mom whose entire house is overflowing with Twilight memorabilia, it explores why that person is a super-fan and offers the surprise of a lifetime when the fan is given an awesome, otherwise unattainable experience related to their obsession.
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First portal passed in Ready Player One DeLorean contest!

That was fast! It looks like Tom B has passed the first of three portals on his way to winning a restored DeLorean in the Ready Player One competition. To find out more, listen to today's Gweek podcast.

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