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The bug killing tool preferred by mosquito researchers

Meet The Executioner.

Earlier today, I got a tour of the mosquito breeding facility at North Carolina State University. Basically, it's a small room — about the size of my bathroom at home — where scientists breed and grow the mosquitoes they use in scientific research. The downside: Mosquito enclosures are somewhat less than foolproof. Which means the mosquito breeding facility has a significant number of loose mosquitoes. That's where The Executioner comes in. There were multiple Executioners in that one small room. Then entire time I was talking with the scientists, they were simultaneously swinging around these electrified tennis racquets to zap any mosquito that blundered into their personal space.

Personally, I consider this a hell of an endorsement for any bug killing tool. Read the rest

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Young science writers whose work you'll love

Looking for high-quality, smart reads on science? This Twitter list, put together by Scientific American's Khalil A. Cassimally will introduce you to lots of great, young science writers you might not have heard of previously. Some of the folks on the list whose awesomeness I can vouch for: freelancer David Manly, Smithsonian Magazine contributor Colin Schultz, blogger Hannah Waters, and Scientific American associate editor Ferris Jabr. Many new voices to discover! Read the rest

10 Great Science Books for Kids

I wrote earlier this month about how much I loved coffee table books as a kid, and a couple of people asked me about recommendations for science books that kids will love today. Smithsonian has a great list up right now: 10 books that cover everything from inventors, to failed experiments, to whales. Read the rest