Listen to the sounds of nature

The British Library has a collection of 268 nature recordings made in the first half of the 20th century. The recordings date back to the 1930s and include the songs of birds, noises made by large vertebrates like camels and panda bears, and even full-environment background sounds like this 1938 recording of an Afrotropical environment. Jeezus, the jungle is loud. (Via Alice Bell) Read the rest

A directory of wonderful sounds

Carnegie Mellon University's Auditory Lab has a huge collection of high-quality audio recordings of random sounds—from a marble dropped onto sheet metal, to bubble wrap being popped, to crumpling newspaper, to the sound of a sponge being squeezed out over empty tupperware. I trust you all will come up with fun uses for this stuff. At the Annals of Improbable Research you can hear one of the lab's sloshing sounds. It is a very good slosh. (Via Marc Abrahams) Read the rest