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I put some Doom in your Doom so you can Doom while you Doom

I'm a sucker for the self-similar pleasures of recursion, so it was with great delight that I learned someone has put a playable version of Doom... inside Doom.

In a video posted by TheZombieKiller, you can see everyone's favorite space marine approach what looks like an arcade cabinet, and then start playing the very game he is inside. It's part of a larger effort to put a number of playable "arcade games" inside Doom; a semi-complete version of Wolfenstein 3D is also available.

Somewhere, Xzibit is smiling down upon us all.

[via Kotaku] oc4t4

Ecstatic NSA spooks delight in spying on spies who are spying on spies

A tranche of fresh Snowden leaks published in Der Spiegel by Laura Poitras, Jacob Appelbaum and others detail the NSA's infiltration of other countries' intelligence services, detailing the bizarre, fractal practices of "fourth-party collection" and "fifth-party collection."

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"Citation needed"'s Wikipedia entry

Regrettably, the Wikipedia entry for "Citation needed" ("a common editorial remark on Wikipedia, which has become used to refer to Wikipedia in wider popular culture") doesn't include any actual assertions tagged with [citation needed].

On July 4, 2007, the webcomic xkcd published a comic which depicted a protestor holding up a "citation needed" sign during a political speech.[7]

In late 2010, banners with the template appeared at the somewhat tongue-in-cheek Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,[8] and in February 2011, at a more serious demonstration in Berlin against German defence minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who had been embroiled in a scandal after it was discovered he had plagiarised portions of his doctoral thesis.[9]

The New York Times has commented on the propensity of some "stickler editors" for adding the template to unattributed facts,[10] and has used the phrase in an online headline.[11]

Citation needed (via JWZ)

Anti-Super-PAC Super PAC

George Soros's son Jonathan is running a Super PAC that will run attack ads targeting candidates who oppose abolishing Super PACs.

Recursive D&D dungeon is a procedural dungeon-generation system

Tavis sez, "A mind-blowingly recursive poster that represents the AD&D rules for procedural dungeon generation as a flowchart which is drawn as a dungeon. From the The Mule Abides blog at NYC's intersection between role-playing games, the gallery art scene, and how Kickstarter can jam 'em together. Cory's linked the Mule before as HOWTO have a D&D party for 8-year-olds; also featured in this post is a nifty Kickstarter for the first publication from the Play-Generated Map and Documents Archive, similarly linked for Homemade D&D module, 1981."

Everything is Flowcharts (Thanks, Travis!)

Recursive phishing email

Bruce Sterling received a phishing email purporting to be a followup to a report of a phishing email. Coming soon: a phishing email purporting to be a phishing email purporting to be a followup to a report of a phishing email.

US-CERT is forwarding the following Phishing email that we received to the APWG for further investigation and processing.

Please check attached report for the details and email source

US-CERT has opened a ticket and assigned incident number PH0000005007349. As your investigation progresses updates may be sent at your discretion to and should reference PH0000002359885.

Phishing email arrives disguised as phishing email

Top ten top ten top ten lists

In celebration of the new year, David "Everything is Miscellaneous" Weinberger has written up his "Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten list" -- a list of ten great lists of top ten lists. He also includes seven articles about why we like top ten lists.

  1. The Top Ten Top Ten Lists of All Time

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  6. NYT Top Ten Top Ten Lists for 2011

  7. Top Ten Top Ten Lists about Agile Management

    Top Ten Top Ten Video Lists of 2011

  8. Top Ten Christmas Stuff Top Ten Lists

  9. Urban Faith’s Top Ten Top Ten Lists

  10. Brand Media Strategies Top Ten Top Ten Lists

My Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten list

Law and Order builds replica of Zucotti Park; Occupiers occupy it

Law and Order was shooting an episode about Occupy Wall Street, and the production team built a perfect replica of Zucotti Park, as it was before the brutal eviction of the protesters by NYPD. So members of the original Occupy camp went and occupied it.

As of about 1:00 a.m., the police had begun to push protesters out of the park and dismantle the set. "NYPD does not respect Law And Order," the crowd chanted cheekily. At one point, an occupier asked an officer, "Are these real barricades, or a set piece?"

Within about an hour police had cleared out the protesters, which was less time than it took clear the real Zuccotti, but probably more than they'd need on a TV show. "You guys just cleared a fake Zuccotti Park," the tweeter @NewYorkist told a police officer, who countered that they'd done no such thing: "We didn't clear a fake Zuccotti," he insisted. "They're taking the set down."

VIDEO: OWS Occupies Movie-Set Replica Of Itself, for Real (Thanks, Mmechanic!)