Book review: Wizard Defiant, a fun blend of tech and fantasy

Wizard Defiant (Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles Book 1)

In Rodney Hartman's Wizard Defiant, space cadet boot camp meets elves and wizards.

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Assault Troopers by Vaughn Heppner

Assault Troopers

Humanity is nearly extinct, what few survivors that remain are enslaved to murderous aliens and used as cannon fodder. Can humanity possibly outwit the aliens and win its freedom? Duh.

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The Duncan Butterfly yo-yo is still a LOT of fun


Every few years, as I rummage through a drawer or bag, I stumble across my Duncan Butterfly. Then the fun begins!

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Mike Smith's The Last Praetorian, free for Kindle

Mike Smith's space opera, The Last Praetorian, is a rollicking space romance.

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Bullitt: How many times can I watch this Steve McQueen movie?


I'm sick. One of the things that makes me feel better is to watch Bullitt, a movie starring a 1968 Ford Mustang GT, and Steve McQueen.

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The Purge of Babylon, post-apocalyptic fun

Monsters, long hidden in the shadows, take over the Earth in The Purge of Babylon, first in a series by Sam Sisavath.

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Water and shock resisting 10400 mAh USB battery

My favorite portable battery yet, the UNIFUN is the sturdiest pack I've found. This 10400 mAh battery is perfect for use on a bicycle, motorcycle or camping.

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Compressed towelettes are super handy

Compressed at 70,000psi of pressure, these tiny washcloth pucks expand with a few drops of water. They super helpful to have around!

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The Atlantis Ship, free via Kindle Unlimited

Appearing out of legend, The Atlantis Ship has attacked the frontier and threatens the Commonwealth. Naturally, they turn to a drug abusing burn out to save the galaxy.

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Practical Mental Magic

Drawn to this book by its cover, Practical Mental Magic has taught me the art of mind reading! This 1940s collection of tricks and effects has it all.

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Omega 1 Exile, free for Kindle

Stephen Arseneault's Omega 1 Exile is a free for Kindle, detective novel set in space.

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Purple Bicycle Riderback 808s with a double backer

Because purple is an awfully great color.

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Jules Verne's The Blockade Runners, free for various e-readers

Running the Union blockade starts as just a daring adventure, but rapidly turns into a rescue mission in The Blockade Runners! This short story by Jules Verne is free for Kindle and many other formats! Read the rest

Deep Crossing, a free Adrian Tarn adventure on Kindle

Rule breaking adventurer Adrian Tarn is back. In Deep Crossing he trains the new crew of his experimental craft for a deep space mission!

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Telekinetic nut-off-bolt trick

Amaze your friends and confound your children! Use the battery-assisted power of your mind to twist the nut off this bolt!

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Motorcycle Jeans and Adventure Pants


Most jeans outfit for motorcycling look bad and fit worse. I tried two popular options, Hood Motorcycle Jean's G8 Evo and Bohn's Adventure Pants. Seriously: Adventure Pants. Read the rest

Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Private Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Magazine is a wonderful resource for anyone enthusiastic about guitar. This collection of 24 private lessons from their archive is fantastic for everyone, from beginner to master.

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