The Atlantis Ship, free via Kindle Unlimited

Appearing out of legend, The Atlantis Ship has attacked the frontier and threatens the Commonwealth. Naturally, they turn to a drug abusing burn out to save the galaxy.

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Practical Mental Magic

Drawn to this book by its cover, Practical Mental Magic has taught me the art of mind reading! This 1940s collection of tricks and effects has it all.

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Omega 1 Exile, free for Kindle

Stephen Arseneault's Omega 1 Exile is a free for Kindle, detective novel set in space.

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Purple Bicycle Riderback 808s with a double backer

Because purple is an awfully great color.

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Jules Verne's The Blockade Runners, free for various e-readers

Running the Union blockade starts as just a daring adventure, but rapidly turns into a rescue mission in The Blockade Runners! This short story by Jules Verne is free for Kindle and many other formats! Read the rest

Deep Crossing, a free Adrian Tarn adventure on Kindle

Rule breaking adventurer Adrian Tarn is back. In Deep Crossing he trains the new crew of his experimental craft for a deep space mission!

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Telekinetic nut-off-bolt trick

Amaze your friends and confound your children! Use the battery-assisted power of your mind to twist the nut off this bolt!

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Motorcycle Jeans and Adventure Pants

Most jeans outfit for motorcycling look bad and fit worse. I tried two popular options, Hood Motorcycle Jean's G8 Evo and Bohn's Adventure Pants. Seriously: Adventure Pants. Read the rest

Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Private Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Magazine is a wonderful resource for anyone enthusiastic about guitar. This collection of 24 private lessons from their archive is fantastic for everyone, from beginner to master.

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Fantastic camping mattress: Thermarest LuxuryMap

The Thermarest LuxuryMap air mattress makes camping a whole lot more comfortable.

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The Galapagos Incident, free science fiction thriller for Kindle

This dark, fast-paced space thriller was a fantastic read. The Galapagos Incident is wonderful first installment from author Felix R. Savage, and it is free!

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The Apocalypse Survivors: The Undead World Novel 2

Main characters continue to die, and living humans remain the scariest evil in Peter Meredith's continuing zombie adventure, The Apocalypse Survivors.

Wow! The Apocalypse Survivors has really built on the first novel in this series! I enjoy how Meredith shows us just how ugly the standard, everyday problems of the United States will be when fueled by a zombie apocalypse. In this, his second book, race wars, rape, cults and cowardice rule the land. Fantastic new characters are introduced, because they have to... we're losing everyone we love!

These are adult novels but not done in a disgusting or horrible manner. The some characters are cartoony, and perhaps have to be, while others highly relatable. I am finding the mix right for gripping, keep me up til the book is done zombie fiction.

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The Disneyland Book of Lists

The Disneyland Book of Lists is a fantastically fun, incredibly dense collection of Disneyland trivia!

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X-Ray Specs: invade personal privacy like a boss

I'm not like those fancy government guys using millimeter wave scans, thermal imaging, and warrantless email hoovering to spy on your unmentionables. Just like my grandfather and his father before him, I rely on analog X-Ray Specs for invading the privacy of others.

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This Shattered Land (Surviving the Dead Series Book 2)

Eric and Gabe have been holed up in their Appalachian mountain retreat for 2 years, fending off the zombies and watching their supplies diminish. This Shattered Land takes them across America to rejoin the resurgent US Government in Colorado.

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Bicycle Spectrum deck

The beautiful Spectrum deck, by Bicycle, with 52 different colored backs, is wonderful for magicians and terrible for card games.

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An awesome cast iron dutch oven for camping

My daughter specifically asked if I had packed this 6 qt dutch oven for an impending camping trip. It is super handy and surprisingly makes the best desserts.

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