Roku's 3600R streaming stick just rules


The 2016 edition of the Roku streaming stick is even better than the last.

I love Roku. I've replaced all my set top boxes with Roku units. I was using Roku 3 and 4's but this streaming stick is just as fast, has the same video quality and is a lot smaller/easier to deal with. Less cabling.

Sporting 4 processors the Roku 3600R is every bit as fast as my set top box style Roku units. It does everything they do that I want from it. I understand games may not function as well, but that has never been something I tried on the Roku.

Roku with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Plex is how my video consumption occurs these days. The YouTube app is also wonderful. Roku sports hundred, if not thousands, of custom and 3rd party channels as well. If you like international sports, or just miss programming from far away, Roku is pretty great.

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Roku R3500R streaming stick: Roku gets even better

I've replaced the playback devices on every TV in my home with a Roku 3. The Roku R3500R is even better! Smaller, but with the same access to the immense catalog of content and ability to feed it anything I like. This streaming stick is the way to go!

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Now a Roku 3 has replaced my AppleTv

Back in April I cancelled DirecTv and started using a Roku 3 as the main entertainment device in my living room. This week I got sick of my bedroom AppleTv and decided it was time to go all Roku.

In a side-by-side comparison of the two units I sadly found the AppleTV to just be frustrating, while the Roku is a pleasure.

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