San Franciscans: come to the DNA Lounge for Cyberdelia, see Tank Girl, use the Linux Payphone


JWZ of San Francisco's DNA Lounge writes, "First, I reverse engineered an old payphone and turned it into a Linux computer. This was a ridiculous thing to do and my build log is ridiculous. Second: The reason I did this was to use it as a prop at our next HACKERS party." Read the rest

Happy Emperor Norton Day


Today marks the 136th anniversary of the death of our noble leader, Norton I, Emperor of the United States, Protector of Mexico, and proto-Happy Mutant.

Celebrate his many great, and lasting contributions to San Francisco bay area culture!

(h/t Bjorn Pave!) Read the rest

Work for the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Hacker, lawyer, activist geeks


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hiring four new staffers: a criminal defense staff attorney, a technology generalist and two new activists (here's what life is like for EFF activists). Read the rest

Kamasi Washington and The Mountain Goats to play 2016 Noise Pop Music Festival in SF


Kamasi Washington, 34, is a saxophonist and composer who is carrying the spiritual jazz torch pioneered by the likes of John Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Albert Ayler, and Stanley Cowell. But his sound is not a retro trip. Washington, who has also played with Flying Lotus, Snoop Dogg, Herbie Hancock, and Kendrick Lamar, recently released his three hour album, aptly titled Epic. It's an immersive, post-post-bop modal groove that is utterly and entirely contemporary. Dig the performance above, recorded this summer for NPR's Jazz Night in America.

I was thrilled when our friends at San Francisco's Noise Pop Music Festival announced that Washington will be part of this year's killer lineup for the musical extravaganza taking place February 19-28 at clubs around the city. So far, the schedule also includes performances by The Mountain Goats, Parquet Courts, Vince Staples, The Cave Singers, Caucus, The Thermals, Film School, Diane Coffee, Wild Ones, Beacon, Astronauts, Etc., Palehound, and Heartwatch.

More details: Noise Pop Music Festival

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Friday eve in SF: "100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area"


Tomorrow evening (11/20), San Francisco's de Young Museum will celebrate "100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area" with an event organized by UC Berkeley professor Ken Goldberg and Alexander Rose, executive director of the Long Now Foundation. The program includes a "Long Conversation," sort of a relay race discussion that I'll be participating in along with ten interesting people whose work is at the intersection of art and technology! Bonus: My friend Kal Spelletich will also bring two of his "praying robots" seen above! Best of all, it's free and starts early (6:30pm)!

Participants include:

Josette Melchor (Grey Area Foundation for the Arts)

Dorothy R. Santos (writer, curator)

Tim Roseborough (artist, musician, former Kimball Artist-in-Residence)

John Markoff (author of Machines of Loving Grace)

Karen Marcelo (dorkbotSF)

David Pescovitz (Boing Boing and Institute for the Future)

Catharine Clark (Catharine Clark Gallery)

Alexander Rose (director, Long Now Foundation)

Pieter Abbeel (professor, Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley)

Terry Winograd (Computer Science department, Stanford Univeristy)

Kal Spelletich (Seemen)

With special VJ Jenny Odell

Ticket Information

Complimentary tickets for the long conversation are distributed beginning at 5:30 pm at the Koret Auditorium entrance. Seating is limited. Tickets are first come, first served.

Programming and general admission to the permanent collection galleries are free of charge during Friday Nights at the de Young. A discounted $15 ticket is required to visit the special exhibition galleries.

Long Conversation (de Young)

“100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area” Long Conversation November 20th 02015 (The Long Now Foundation) Read the rest

Once again, the SFPD blames a cyclist for his own death without any investigation


47-year-old Mark Heryer was killed on October 11th when he was run over by a 38-Geary bus. The SFPD concluded, without investigation, that Heryer's death was his own fault. The city will not release the footage from the bus's camera -- not even to Heryer's lawyer. Read the rest

To do in San Francisco: Aaron Swartz Day mini-con on privacy-enabling tech


Lisa Rein writes, "While the San Francisco Aaron Swartz International Hackathon is going on downstairs at the Internet Archive, we're having a little privacy-enabling mini-conference upstairs." Read the rest

Flashback to a 1995 cyberdelic fashion show in San Francisco


In the cyberdelic daze of 1995, I was part of a group of San Francisco riot nrrrds and fashion designers, including my now wife Kelly Sparks, who staged what was likely the first fashion show transmitted over the Internet. My dear friend Ani Phyo produced the whole shebang, called Fiber, with experimental video house Dimension7 at their SoMa warehouse space. Eric Paulos streamed the show onto the Internet in real-time via CU-See-Me over the Mbone. Michael Dates made some deeply weird installation art. See the full list of credits here. As it was San Francisco in the early 1990s, the entire thing was woven into a ravey multimedia trip with DJs, live psychedelic video mixing, and plenty of, er, entheogenic energy. Above, a news report from the scene directed by Jennifer Paige.

From the original press release penned by yours truly:

On Saturday, October 14, 1995, a party called Fiber will weave together the digital technology of today with the fashion designs of tomorrow in a presentation of new work by Bay Area artists. Fiber shifts away from the traditional fashion show paradigm by showcasing the garments in the sensory-overloading environment they were created to be worn in. Models are replaced with dancers, runways with podiums. Transmedia artists, laser technicians, DJs, and musicians are working with the fashion designers to create a pure thoughtspace celebrating creativity, collaboration and global communication via the Internet. A team of videographers will shoot the festivities, mix the images with surreal prerecorded footage, textual messages, and computer animation produced on-the-fly, and project the visual blends as hypnotic electric wallpaper.
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Vote for 826 Valencia's conversion of liquor store into kids' writing/tutoring center


And now a word from my pal Dave Pell, managing editor of the Internet and author of the essential daily read NextDraft, who urges us to vote for 826 Valencia in the Google Impact Challenge:

They say that a rising tide lifts all boats. Well, that’s a bunch of bullshit. We’ve got a rising tide in San Francisco. The tech industry has brought thousands of people and billions of dollars to these forty nine square miles. Traffic is thick with Teslas. The WiFi is stuffed with startups. Times are good.

Except where they’re not.

A few short blocks away from that tide where companies like Twitter are revolutionizing the information age, the kids in the Tenderloin are walking the same bleak blocks many of their parents walked when they were kids.

Like so many of you, I’ve benefited greatly by being at the right place at the right time with the right opportunities. But I’ve also seen the kids who are not benefiting — even a little — from Internet gold rush.

That’s not right. But it’s not going to change by itself. It’s going to take great organizations like 826 Valencia. I’m on the board, and I can vouch that the folks there know how to lift kids up, to inspire them, to teach them to write well, to feed their curiosity, to let them dream. They’ve been doing it for years, ever since Dave Eggers and others started the organization.

And now we’re bringing 826 to the Tenderloin.

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Citizen journalists vs San Francisco's hydrophobic pee-reflecting paint


San Francisco recently doubled the number of walls it was coating with hydrophobic paint, which is supposed to deter wall-pissing by making the urine spray back all over the pee-er. Read the rest

Winner of our 2015 Treasure Island Music Festival haiku contest!


Congratulations to Boing Boing reader MarieFury who won our annual Treasure Island Music Festival haiku contest!

On October 17-18, MarieFury will groove to The National, deadmau5, FKA Twigs, The War On Drugs, Chvrches, Father John Misty, Lower Dens, Jose Gonzalez, and more than a dozen other acts performing on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.

MarieFury scored a pair of VIP 2-Day Tickets (a $630 value), provided by our pals at Noise Pop, co-promoters of the festival with Another Planet Entertainment. Congrats MarieFury and thank you to everyone who entered! A limited number of tickets are still available for purchase here.

And here's MarieFury's winning haiku:

Chrvches vs. The War on Drugs: who has the least San Franciscan name?

Treasure Island Music Festival Read the rest

Treasure Island Music Festival haiku contest finalists!


The winner of our annual Treasure Island Music Festival haiku ticket contest will see The National, Deadmau5, FKA Twigs, The War On Drugs, Chvrches, Father John Misty, Lower Dens, Jose Gonzalez, and many more artists at our favorite musical extravaganza taking place October 17 and 18 on the San Francisco Bay. As you'll recall, our friends at Noise Pop, co-promoters of the event with Another Planet Entertainment, gifted us a pair of VIP 2-Day Tickets (a $630 value) to share with a lucky Boing Boing reader! Last week, we launched our annual Treasure Island Music Festival Haiku contest, and now we reveal the finalists! The three happy mutants below all win Boing Boing t-shirts. We'll announce the winner of the VIP passes on Monday, October 5. Congratulations to these Haiku masters!

And if you'd like to purchase tickets to Treasure Island Music Festival, click right here.

Now then, here are our finalists:


Flying in from SEA 3 year anniversary 2 tix 4 us, plz


Chrvches vs. The War on Drugs: who has the least San Franciscan name?


Aargh, Matey. Avast! Treasure Island steer me mast Music be me wench

Read the rest

Arse Elektronika San Francisco 2015: SHOOT YOUR WORKLOAD


The annual "Sex, work and tech" show comes back to San Francisco, Oct 2-4, at the Center for Sex and Culture, featuring "talks, performances, games, workshops, machines and systems." Read the rest

Win free tickets to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco!


Want free VIP tickets to Boing Boing's favorite annual music event, the Treasure Island Music Festival taking place on the San Francisco Bay, October 17-18? This year, you will be thrilled by the unique musical stylings of The National, deadmau5, FKA Twigs, The War On Drugs, Chvrches, Father John Misty, Lower Dens, Jose Gonzalez, and more than a dozen other acts. Our pals at Noise Pop, co-promoters of the event with Another Planet Entertainment, have gifted us a pair of VIP 2-Day Tickets (a $630 value) to pass on to Boing Boing readers! VIP includes access to a nice viewing area beside the main stage, tented lounge with full bar, special VIP food sellers, and private restroom facilities (yay!). To win the passes, we are continuing our annual tradition of the Treasure Island Music Festival Haiku Contest!

Here's what to do:

Write a Haiku about why you want to attend the festival! The Haiku must consist of three lines, with the first line containing 5 syllables, the second containing 7 syllables, and the third line containing 5 syllables. Then post your Haiku to the Boing Boing forum right here. You have until 11:59pm PDT on Thursday (10/1) to enter. We'll pick our favorite Haikus and email you at the address you used to create your forum account. (Or you can list an alternate address in your entry.) On Friday (10/2), I'll post our three finalists who will each receive a Boing Boing t-shirt! On Tuesday (10/6), I'll announce the winner of the VIP tickets. Read the rest

Read Only Memories breathes life into queer characters in Neo San Francisco

read only memories
The forthcoming game Read Only Memories stars a queer guest from the future who finds hope amidst a cyberpunk dystopia.

Double Union woman hackerspace needs help with funding finding a new space


Double Union is moving from its space in San Francisco's Mission -- their building was sold out from under them and the new landlords evicted all the tenants -- and needs help finding somewhere new to set up shop. Read the rest

UC Berkeley issues first-ever university transparency report


April writes, "The University of California-Berkeley has become the first university in the United States to publish a set of transparency reports that detail government requests for student, faculty, and staff data." Read the rest

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