John Scalzi on the ups and downs of book tours

John Scalzi's on tour with his new novel, The Collapsing Empire: he's posted a list of ten things every touring author knows, and very few other people ever get to see. Read the rest

Flat-pack futures: the insufficiently weird, bland corporate view of tomorrow

Scott Smith's presentation "Beware of Flat-Pack Futures" is a stinging critique of thoughtless corporate futurism, that he delivered at Media Future Week in Almere, Netherlands. His "flat-pack futures" are the insufficiently weird, bland, like-today-only-moreso futures we see depicted all around us. He proposes a weirder, more textured, more contradictory future and a toolkit for thinking about it. It's a whole hour, but it's an hour very, very well spent.

Scott Smith (Changeist) @ MFW13 (via Beyond the Beyond) Read the rest