Dreamliners grounded

After a series of mishaps and problems—the latest being an electrical fire before takeoff in Japan—Boeing's 787 Dreamliners have been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration. Only 6 are so far in service in the U.S., but with 800 in the production pipeline, much rides on the luxury airliner's success. At the NYT, Hiroko Tabuchi and Bettina Wassener:

The review by the U.S. aviation administration is unusual, just 15 months after the plane entered service following a lengthy certification process by the agency. That review is in addition to a formal investigation by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board of what caused a battery fire on a Japan Airlines plane that flew to Boston from Tokyo last week. ... Boeing has sought to ease concerns about the plane’s design and reliability, and has said it is no more trouble-prone than other new commercial airplane programs.

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