Man lost for 2 days in city drainage system

A fellow in Lawton, Oklahoma chased a twenty dollar bill he dropped down a storm drain and ended up lost in the city's pipe system for two days. Some young people finally heard his cries for help. According the KSWO, the man had minor scrapes and a bump on his head and couldn't recall how he had become disoriented. He is very lucky he didn't encounter any alligators or, worse, Mole Man. Read the rest

Dasparkhotel is a series of tubes

Dasparkhotel (The Park Hotel) is, literally, a series of tubes. Constructed from repurposed sewer pipes, each tiny room offers a double bed, storage space, a light, and the fun of an inside that is very nearly outside. Nearby are shared toilets, showers, a bar and coffee shop. [via Laughing Squid] Read the rest