China TV news confuses Fleshlight sex toy for rare edible mushroom


A classic example of global news lulz from 2012. Read the rest

Women react to really weird old sex advice throughout history


Women sure got some weird sex advice back in the day. Read the rest

TV spot for a home mechanical bull becomes the "Orgasmic Achiever 2000"


"Don't just stand there, buy this for only $29,000 million."

[via] Read the rest

"Play nug-a-nug" and 30 other terms for sex from the last 600 years


Mental Floss has a list of the 31 "most adorable" terms for sexual intercourse from the last 600 years, complied from the massive Green’s Dictionary of Slang. Some make sense, others are cryptic, at least to me. "Give someone a green gown." Huh?

[UPDATE: In the comments, PGT explains the "green gown" term: "'Give someone a green gown' is actually one of the better known ones -- it refers to acquiring grass stains on one's undergarments from vigorous exercise while lying in the grass. 'She has a green petticoat' was Victorian for 'she's a slut,' and even into the 20th century green woman's underwear remained unpopular."]

1. Give someone a green gown (1351)

2. Play nug-a-nug (1505)

3. Play the pyrdewy (1512)

4. Play at couch quail (1521)

5. Ride below the crupper (1578)

6. Board a land carrack (1604)

7. Fadoodling (1611)

8. Put the devil into hell (1616)

9. Night physic (1621)

10. Princum-prancum (1630)

11. Culbatizing exercise (1653)

12. Join paunches (1656)

13. Dance the Paphian jig (1656)

14. Play at tray trip of a die (1660)

15. Dance Barnaby (1664)

16. Shot twixt wind and water (1665)

17. Play at rantum-scantum (1667)

18. Blow off the groundsills (1674)

19. Play hey gammer cook (1674)

20. Join giblets (1680)

21. Play at rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch (1684)

22. Lerricompoop (1694)

23. Ride a dragon upon St. George (1698)

24. Houghmagandy (1700)

25. Pogue the hone (1719)

26. Make feet for children’s stockings (1785)

27. Dance the kipples (1796)

28. Read the rest

The millennials are all right, and so are their sex games

The sneering condescension and pearl-clutching panic about young people's relationship to sex and technology willfully misses the fruits of an impressive creative movement.

Fellow enjoys VR sex simulation so much he won't stop when asked to


A young man with a VR headset does not want to part with an inflatable torso dressed up as an anime character.

I interviewed Robert Anton Wilson for bOING bOING (the zine) in 1988 and he told me he was not concerned about virtual reality sex because people who favored it over real sex would be weaned from the gene pool.

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When your mom works a phone sex chat line


Abby Moss of Broadly talked to her mother about what it was like to be a well-paid phone sex worker, and found out why many woman over 40 are so good at it.

"The rule of thumb in the adult industry is that if you aren't making at least $100,000 in a year then you're wasting your time," she told me. She pays her employees around 60 percent of the per minute call charge-more than double what they'd expect to earn working for a big company.

According to her, older ladies make the best phone sex operators. "Older women are much better at phone sex," she said. "I had a woman who was 42 and a grandmother. Man, they liked her. She wanted to buy a house; she made the money inside of two years and paid for the house in full!"

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Ashley Madison's founding CTO claimed he hacked competing dating site

Raja Bhatia was the original CTO of Avid Media, Ashley Madison's parent company; in an email to Avid CEO Noel Biderman in the latest Ashley Madison dump, he hacked the back-end of Nerve, a competing dating site. Read the rest

Building looks like couple doing it doggy style


Atelier Van Lieshout constructed this delightful building, titled "Domestikator," as the centerpiece of their large festival installation, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," at the Ruhrtriennale music and arts festival in Bochum, Germany. Read the rest

"I hope the Chinese aren't collating the Ashley Madison data with their handy federal list of every American with a security clearance." -Bruce Sterling

-Bruce Sterling Read the rest

Ashley Madison commits copyfraud in desperate bid to suppress news of its titanic leak

The company is shotgunning DMCA notices against journalists and others who reproduce even the tiniest fraction of the dump of users who signed up to find partners with whom to cheat on their spouses -- included in the dump are thousands of people who paid $15 to have their data permanently deleted from the service. Read the rest

Chastity belts were a joke, then a metaphor, then a hoax

Historian Albrecht Classen got so tired of hearing people blithlely assert that chastity belts were ever a thing that he wrote The Medieval Chastity Belt: A Myth-Making Process, explaining how a 15th century hoax that appeared in a manuscript that also feature fart jokes and devices for making people invisible became canon.

From Sarah Laskow: Read the rest

Giant dump of data purports to be from

The dating site for people wanting to cheat on their spouses was breached last month. Read the rest

Podcast: Ian McDonald talks about Luna: New Moon (also coming to CBS!)

Science fiction titan Ian McDonald's forthcoming novel Luna: New Moon is the subject of the latest installment of the always-great Coode Street podcast (MP3). Read the rest

John Oliver on the brutal state of sex-ed in America

The best political commentator in America offers a terrifying, oh-god-I-can't-stop-laughing-but-it's-not-funny glimpse into the world of abstinence-based education, evidence-free sex-ed, and the culture of secrecy over curriculum. Read the rest

Girl Sex 101: "for EVERYone who wants to bone down with chicks, regardless of your gender/orientation."

Oh Joy Sex Toy reviews Girl Sex 101, "an indispensable resource for EVERYone who wants to bone down with chicks, regardless of your gender/orientation." Read the rest

Watch this deeply bizarre and sexual Autre Ne Veut video


Allie Avital directed this wonderfully strange video for "World War Pt. 2," a new track by avant-R&B artist Autre Ne Veut (aka Arthur Ashin), starring Ashin, nude, and Macy Sullivan, nude, attached in what seems to be perpetual intercourse. And you can dance to it! NSFW. Read the rest

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