NSFW tribute to Ray Bradbury

Rachel Bloom from Upright Citizens Brigade has a not-safe-for-work ode to the greatest sci-fi writer in history. Makes me want to do an answer song about Philip K. Dick.

F* Me, Ray Bradbury [also submitterated by teig]

Update: On August 19th, Rachel announced: "Just received a confirmation via e-mail that Mr. Bradbury ENJOYED THIS VIDEO!"

Update 2: The day before Mr. Bradbury's 90th birthday, Harry from Ain't It Cool News posted a momentous photo: "Here's Ray Bradbury's reaction to watching FUCK ME RAY BRADBURY..." Read the rest

To do in NYC Tuesday, Aug 17: Dr. Who-themed Burlesque Show

Boing Boing reader Jeff Simmermon says, "My friends and co-bloggers Cyndi Freeman and Brad Lawrence produce on a monthly burlesque show here in NYC called 'Hotsy Totsy.' It's always pretty fun, but this month's should be extra-special. The whole show is a tribute to Doctor Who." The pasties twirl Tuesday, August 17th. Read the rest

Canadian 'peter meter' youth program halted; tester charged with sexual assault

I've covered Canadian psychology hijinks before, and how a handful of them are leading the push to expand which sexual interests are mental illnesses.

Now comes another scandal that's like something out of Clockwork Orange.

Late last month, Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services in Burnaby, British Columbia was forced to shut down a decades-old program where troubled youths had a device placed on their penises while they were subjected to media depicting stuff like rape and child pornography. The final straw was when one of the test administrators was arrested for a sexual assault allegedly committed during leisure time.

The whole sordid story follows.

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Ages of Consent: mnemonic ditty to remember legal age for sex in each state

Have a hard time remembering the age of consent laws in each state? Uncle Merv put together this handy mnemonic ditty that perfectly combines learning and queasy discomfort.

(Thanks Allan!) Read the rest

iPhone users have more sex

The takeaway from this OKCupid blog post (sort of a followup on this one, previously Boinged) might at first appear to be that iPhone users are sluts. Or, that Panasonic cameras make you sexier than Nikons. But dig in, and you'll see that it's basically a primer on how to take flattering portrait photos. (thanks, Dean Putney!) Read the rest

The science of the booty call

"As much as you want to escape your biology, there it is, in your face. Humans have the illusion that they can escape their biology, but we're just like any other animal, the difference is our leash is longer. It appears that we have all this freedom to make these choices, but we really don't."—University of South Alabama psychology professor Peter K. Jonason, author of the scientific treatise "Positioning the Booty-Call Relationship on the Spectrum of Relationships" [PDF], interviewed in Salon. (via Oxblood Ruffin) Read the rest

Former softcore porn actress Jodie Fisher identified in HP CEO sex scandal

Above, while it lasts: the video demo reel on YouTube for actress Jodie Fisher (not Jodie Foster!), who was today identified by the New York Times, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News, AP, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal as the contractor at the center of the sex scandal that led to HP CEO Mark Hurd's recent ouster.

Ms. Fisher's film credits include a number of softcore adult films of the "Skinemax"/latenight HBO variety, filmed in the '90s: "Sheer Passion," "Body of Influence," and "Intimate Obsession," among them. She also performed in the television series "Silk Stalkings," and the noted B-schlocker "Blood Dolls."

Ms. Fisher, who is now 50, worked as a contractor with HP's marketing division from 2007 to 2009. She earned "up to $5,000 per event to greet people and make introductions among executives attending HP events that she helped organize," according to the AP. As an actress, her most recent role appears to have been on the NBC-TV reality dating show "Age of Love," in which twenty- and forty-something women desperate to make mortgage payments claw each other's eyes out for the affections of tennis star Mark Philippoussis.

She is now (wait for it! shocker ahead!) represented by attorney Gloria Allred. Following, a screengrab of her Facebook page, which reveals that she likes listening to Eminem.

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Sudan: 19 young Muslim guys get lashes for wearing false lashes

In happy-fun, gay-friendly Sudan, 19 young men were each sentenced to receive 30 lashes and a punitive fine for the crime of having been videotaped while cross-dressing. The men had no lawyers. Read the rest

Indonesian parliament pwned by porn

As noted earlier today, the government of Indonesia recently commanded ISPs to block all internet porn within the country by the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan—August 11— or else. Today, some sneaky prankster managed to broadcast hardcore porn inside the Parliament, during government sessions. "The X-rated footage was visible to staff and journalists for 15 minutes before security staff were able to turn off the stream, local media report. The TVs are used to provide information on the day's political schedule." (thanks, Antinous!) Read the rest

Indonesia finds it hard to rub out internet porn

"It's really a hard thing to do in technical terms. For me, it's almost an impossible task."—Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association member Valens Riyadi. He and fellow ISPs are tasked with banning internet porn in the predominantly Muslim country "by Ramadan or else." Read the rest

Colin Christian's "silicone lady art"

Above, two works by artist Colin Christian. Matthew Bone has a neat post up about this guy at Nerdist.

A hopeful idealist, the women of Colin's armada are the amalgams of the many beautiful icons that he grew up worshiping, sanded and painted to a shiny perfection to match the streamlined clothing and provocative space gear that adorn his ladies. Though one could dismiss the work as being too sexy or kitschy, these sculptures embody what it's like to be a child, to see the world as a beautiful shiny egg to crack, one where sexuality, cooperation, and advancement are not hindered by closed mindedness or cynicism; basking in the embryonic glow of cinema and television has allowed Colin to create a 3-dimensional manifestation of how he sees, or hopes to see where technology, art, and science can take us. "As a species we must embrace technology in the right way, and leave this planet... When we leave our genitals will come with us, eventually spacesuits will get sexier."
(via @matthewebone) Read the rest

South African doctor invents "anti-rape" female condoms with "teeth"

Sonnet Ehlers, a doctor in South Africa, has designed, patented, and manufactured an "anti-rape female condom" with the unambiguous brand name Rape-aXe. Women who believe they are at high risk of being raped insert the device into themselves like a tampon, and wear it around indefinitely as a form of protection when anticipating risk. The "teeth" inside cause intense pain and potential injury to a male upon penetration, and basically clamp down, making exit from the device painful. The thing does leave damage. Snip:

Ehlers said she sold her house and car to launch the project, and she planned to distribute 30,000 free devices under supervision during the World Cup period. "I consulted engineers, gynecologists and psychologists to help in the design and make sure it was safe," she said. After the trial period, they'll be available for about $2 a piece. She hopes the women will report back to her.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. The design is ingenious, and it's certainly an interesting thing to talk about in a blog post. But I think I agree with the concerns of critics who say the device isn't a real solution to the problem of rape, and I worry that it could place the women who use it at higher risk for violence from men who find their "parts" trapped in the thing. Without getting too graphic here—other forms of sexual assault are still possible. And beyond that, the idea of carrying this thing around inside one's body is very strange:
It's also a form of "enslavement," said Victoria Kajja, a fellow for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the east African country of Uganda.
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Stone Age dildo unearthed in Sweden?

Stone-age dildo unearthed in Sweden? Best part of the article is the photo of the object next to a ruler. Snip: "Perhaps instead of, or in addition to, its sexual purpose, the object may have been used as a tool, such as to chip flakes of flint, [the archaeologist] suggested. One end is shaped into more of a point, he said. It's not immediately clear whether the tool would have been one most likely to be used by men or women or both. 'If it's a tool and it's also shaped like a penis, it could be an item where you want to discuss gender questions." (thanks, Steve Silberman) Read the rest

A lust letter to NYC's indie burlesque scene (photos)

Jeff Simmermon's homage to the NYC indie burlesque scene, in text and photographs. Here's a large Flickr gallery, and here is a blog post. Read the rest

Aziz and her dignity (a Boing Boing guest-dispatch from Pakistan)

Since it's pride week, I thought I'd share a small story about the disenfranchised transgendered community here in Karachi.

Ashi stands by the door of the shared house where she lives with Aziz and Nighat. (Photo: Bassam Tariq.)

Last week, my uncle took me to meet one of his old neighborhood's infamous icons, Aziz Mamoo. She lives in a small one bedroom shack located in the heart of a very disturbed ghetto. Aziz Mamoo is transgendered or, as they're known in South Asia, a hijrah. At the age of 11, she was kicked out of her house by her brothers and found refuge with the local hijrah guru, Hajji Iqbal. Iqbal took her in and taught the young Aziz how to sing and dance. Every town in Karachi has a designated guru who is in charge of the hijrahs in their area. The guru becomes both the mother and father to their communities hijrahs. The local guru feeds them, provides them shelter, and teaches them how to pray and live a modest life. When there is a birth of a child that is considered intersex, some families leave the infant at the guru's doorstep. After the death of Hajji Iqbal, Aziz Mamoo became the local guru of her neighborhood. Countless babies have been left at her doorstep and though she has very little to offer, she never turns them away. The two kids that live with her now are Ashi and Nighat. Many more lived with her before, but she kicked them out after they started doing, as she calls it, "number two work." 'Number two work' is a euphemism for prostitution and it's become a common job for many hijrahs in Karachi. Read the rest

Porn Valley "samurai sword" slasher (and web designer) played Obama in adult film

Following up on yesterday's Boing Boing post about a part-time web designer/part-time adult film actor who—using a prop "samurai sword"—is believed to have stabbed several porn biz co-workers, killing one and causing so much damage to another's hand that it may be amputated.... Susannah Breslin reports:

AdultFYI [NSFW] reports that Stephen Hill [...] played President Barack Obama in a hardcore adult movie.

That movie is “Palin: Erection 2008,” and it was produced by Milton “Todd” C. Ault, III, the CEO of Zealous Inc. who was sued by several hedge funds after it was discovered Ault was funneling their moneys into making porn movies and a planned swingers retreat in the Catskills and not an “integrated global community of trading partners,” the New York Daily News reported last year. Porn Valley killer played Obama in porn spoof (True/Slant)

Related, from LA Times today: The murder victim is identified. His name was Herbert Hin Wong, and he was born in China. There's a manhunt on for the suspect.

Inset, above, Hill (credited as Steve Driver) and a co-star Raquel Divine on the cover of the DVD for the adult film in question. A quick Google for "Palin: Erection 2008" yields many NSFW torrents, video clips, and images, but I will not be linking to them.

Porn actor slash web designer suspected of slashing porn co-worker ... Read the rest

Sex, technology, and diabetes

"A $6,000 insulin pump with an on-board computer chip is not alluring. Neither is the white mesh adhesive patch on my naked abdomen or the length of nylon tubing that connects the patch to the pump. There is only illness, and there is no way to make that sexy. After several years as a medical device wearer, I know."
Those are the opening sentences of "Tethered to the Body," an essay the writer and teacher Jane Kokernak wrote about her adjustment to wearing an insulin pump and its affect on her sense of sexual self. It connects disability and sexuality in novel and moving ways (it also introduced me to the term "disability erotica"). The essay, which originally appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, has been reprinted in A Sweet Life, a site for the "healthy diabetic." The story is close to me for many reasons. I'm diabetic, too, although I am not insulin-dependent, and, more important, Jane is my wife, so the sex she's talking about in the essay is with, well, me. You may wish to consider my recommendation with that in mind, but I guarantee you that this will be the only piece you ever read in which the two tags are "Insulin Pump" and "Sex." Read the rest

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