Freaky! Street sign casts shadow of hanging man

These photos were taken at a crossing in South Devon. The junction is locally known as "Dead Man's Cross" and is reportedly the former site of a gallows. Creeeeeeeepy!

A fellow named George Johnston noticed the curious shadow and posted his photo of it on social media where it garnered plenty of attention.

"Some people thought it was fake but a couple of others have gone down there themselves to check and posted similar pictures," Johnston told the Plymouth Herald. "Why would I spend my time Photoshopping a shadow? I have a life."

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Little girl scared of her own shadow

This toddler is having a nice time in a parking lot when she is startled by a stranger who silently sneaked up to her. She panics and flees, but like the monster in It Follows, the stranger pursues her relentlessly.

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Boy unable to escape own shadow

"She returned to the nursery, and found Nana with something in her mouth, which proved to be the boy's shadow. As he leapt at the window Nana had closed it quickly, too late to catch him, but his shadow had not had time to get out; slam went the window and snapped it off. You may be sure Mrs. Darling examined the shadow carefully, but it was quite the ordinary kind."

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Silhouettes in vintage snapshots

House of Mirth asked collectors of vernacular photos/snapshots to share their favorite specimens in the "silhouette" category. The subject of Joel Rotenberg's contribution above left reminds me of William S. Burroughs! Snapshot above right is from the collection of Nigel Maister. "Silhouettes in Photographs" Read the rest

Excellent shadow theater performance

Yes, it's from "Britain's Got Talent," but Attraction's shadow theater performance is fantastic.