Styptic swabs stop shaving cuts instantly

I frequently cut myself shaving when I travel. I'm not sure why, because I don't cut myself very often at home when using the same type of razor.

It's a hassle to get a cut, especially when I'm about to attend a meeeting, because the bleeding takes a really long time to stop. I used to carry a styptic pencil with me when I travel, but I must have left in a hotel bathroom because I can't find it. It worked pretty well, but it was messy to use and left a white spot on my skin, so when I looked for a replacement, I bought these KutKit styptic swabs instead.

On my last trip, I finally got a chance to use one. It looks like a Q-Tip. I snapped the tip with a ring around it, which broke a glass tube filled with aluminum chloride-6-hydrate. The liquid flowed into the white tip and I applied it to the cut on my neck. It smarted a nit more than a styptic pencil, but it stopped the bleeding instantly, and left no residue. Good stuff.

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Fogless shower Shaving Mirror

This acrylic shaving mirror ($10 on Amazon) is a bit larger than my iPhone 6. I feel like I'm taking a selfie when I shave. To prep it, just hold it in the stream of hot water for a few seconds to get it warm so it doesn't fog up. (I'm a very quick shaver and I use a water saving shower head so I don't waste too much precious water.) Read the rest

Switching to a straight razor

I stared, face lathered up, sweat dripping, hand shaking, into the fogging mirror in my bathroom almost every day for over 2 weeks before I built up the courage to actually put the 4" razor to my face and take a swipe.

The fact that I hadn't shaved on any regular basis for any period in my life because of the bloody mess that inevitably ensued didn't help matters, but mostly I was just afraid of slicing my jugular wide open and being mocked after my death for as the idiot who even attempted this in the first place. I took a deep breath and went for it. Read the rest