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Nemo's rescue needs your help

The organization that rescued my dog Nemo is under a lot of financial pressure. A number of very needy dogs have come along in a very short period of time. The video above details just some of their current hard-luck cases. They've started an Indiegogo project to find some help.

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Baja in my Westy: Gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon

When morning came and it was time to see the gray whales, it was incredibly windy. Many of us were thinking of staying on shore. Luckily we trusted our host and boarded the small 7-10 person boats and headed out. Within moments the magic began.Read the rest

Boing Boing Robots T-Shirt

The great cartoonist Tom Gauld (The Gigantic Robot, Goliath) designed our latest Boing Boing T-shirt. It's called "Robots."

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"How can you be serious?" Not by wearing this T-shirt! The classic Mark Pawson T-shirt, updated for 2012.

Gadgets and apps for better iPhone shots

Jim Woodring T-shirt: a Boing Boing Shop exclusive!

We are excited as humanly possible to unveil the latest in Boing Boing's Artists Series of T-shirts: Jim Woodring's "It Followed Me Home." Offered in scarlet ink on a jet black T-shirt (for a "tigers' breath in a cave" effect, as Jim describes it), this is an original illustration designed exclusively for Boing Boing. It's $14.95 for men's sizes and $16.95 for women's sizes.

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Jim Woodring Artist Series T-Shirt: It Followed Me Home

Future of Science 2021

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"A Multiverse of Exploration: The Future of Science 2021" map from Institute for the Future.

Game Deaths

Directed by Rob Beschizza for Boing Boing Video

The Decemberists: live and interview

Directed by Scott Compton for Boing Boing Video


Concert in SF: Anamanaguchi

Chiptune/rock band Anamanaguchi, who did the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are playing on Sunday 10/30 at Slim's in SF.

Mouthful of Diamonds

"This song makes me wanna strip naked, burst out of my window, free fall 28 floors, faceplant in the snow, make a snow angel mixed with my own blood, shiver from the cold, get hypothermia, DIE, go the pearly gate, say wuzzup to Jesus, do our secret hand shake, look for Buddha, find him, have him reincarnate me into a frog, meet a princess, kiss her, turn into a prince, order my subjects to bring me a computer, listen to this song again, cry myself to sleep. Wake up.. Repeat" - yac311 on YouTube

From Phantogram's album Eyelid Movies.

My Morning Jacket: live and interview

Directed by Scott Compton for Boing Boing Video

Flowbee, or not Flowbee?

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Mark McGuire's "Get Lost"

Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire's "Get Lost" from his new solo album.

Steve Jobs, Insanely Great

Video Link: The late Steve Jobs introduces the Apple Macintosh, in 1984. Never trust a computer you can't lift. Rest in peace, Steve.

Barn Owl's "Turiya" video

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