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Grumpy cat wants a gnu Internet

Hugh sez, "EFF'r Parker Higgins tells me this sign was at a rally he spoke at in Berlin recently."

Grumpy Cat builds a GNU Internet [Frerk Meyer/CC BY-SA]

(Thanks, Hugh!)

Excellent signs from K.L. Rankine, a gentleman sign painter in Jamaica

Click to view large. Photo: Jeff Simmermon.

Boing Boing pal Jeff Simmermon sends us some wonderful snapshots of a local Jamaican artist who lives and works in Treasure Beach, "a very sparsely populated rural beach town in Southern Jamaica," where Jeff and his bride are celebrating their honeymoon (congrats, you two!). I saw these photos on Facebook, and asked Jeff if he wouldn't mind sharing them with Boing Boing, too.

Jeff obliged, and says, "This guy's sign painting business is somewhere near Black River, but nowhere near anything at all. He's got a lot of bible verses and wise sayings, and a few pieces that are INTENSELY anatomical."

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London's getting a blood-filled swimming pool strewn with floating body parts

Miss Cakehead writes, "This set of Zombie Swimming Pool Rules was comissioned from graphic designer Pictographik to promote the Resident Evil Revelations blood swimming pool, and was based on an the iconic traditional British swimming pool rules. The pop up 'blood' filled swimming pool opens in London next week to mark the release of Resident Evil Revelations. In addition to its bloody appearance the swimming pool will offer floats in the form of human torsos, feature brains and intestines as lane markers, have Zombie lifeguards on duty and even offer a diving board in the form of a 'freshly killed human corpse'."

Zombie Pool Rules (Thanks, Miss Cakehead!)

Secure documents

More scenes from a book tour: SECURE DOCUMENTS!

Secure documents do not enter sign, Pasadena High, Houston, TX, USA

Needs comma

Brid food sign tells a story of retail woe

As a compulsive photographer of odd signs, I have to say that "Brid" (origin unknown) has it all. It's the implied story I love:

Bob: Aw, jeez, you're kidding. "Brid?" Who made these things? Fine. I'll just put 'em out for $1.19.

Customer 1: Hey, did you see this? This bucket says "brid!" That's pretty funny! I bet they meant "bird," right?

Bob: Yes, sir, I expect they did.


Customer 2: Excuse me, but there's a spelling error on this product.

Bob: Yes, ma'am, we know. That's why it's on sale.

Customer 2: Only it's spelled "bird," not "brid."

Bob: Thank you, ma'am.

Customer 3: Sir? Sir? Do you sell any brid food to go in this brid bucket?

Bob: Very funny, sir.


Customer 3,487: BRID! What kinda idiots are you people anyway? Can't you spell?

Bob: We don't make the products, sir. We just sell them.

[Bob fires up the laser-printer, amends sign]

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Revived Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

Darren Barefoot sez, '1000 Internet years ago, I started something called 'The Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness'. It compiled 'wacky, bizarre, surreal and otherwise strange examples of technical documentation' Boing Boing covered it in 2004, which was a thrill, and some of the images appeared in the IT Crowd. I think of the Hall as the first thing I ever made that the Internet liked. Most of the examples were submitted to me by others. Thanks to dodgy gallery software, the Hall went offline in 2008. I've been meaning to get it back up, and Pinterest seemed like the ideal place for it. I'm in the process of uploading images there, and am happy to accept new submissions via darren at darrenbarefoot dot com."

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness (Thanks, Darren!)

Funny "Lost Wormhole" sign

An unknown human produced this funny LOST WORMHOLE sign. Have you seen the missing singularity?

Lost wormhole (via Beth Pratt)

NYC's Authorized Drone Strike Zone

@BaLueBolivar snapped this picture advising NYC residents that 26th and 11th was now an Authorized Drone Strike area.

The coming of drones to every neighborhood. NYC. 26th and 11th (via JWZ)

Occupy Wall Street sign of the day: Sasha, 7, painting "Homes for the Homeless"

Scott Matthews of Turnstyle tells Boing Boing:

Hi Xeni, saw your post about the signs of Occupy Wall Street, and thought I'd share ours. Amy (Cory blogged her autism story a few weeks ago) and I took our seven-year-old daughter Sasha to visit Occupy Wall Street last Sunday.

She was very interested in the many signs splayed out across the sidewalk. We spotted some people with a pile of cardboard, paint, and brushes, and asked if we could contribute.

Sasha asked us what she should write, and we told her to write about something that she cared about and wished could make the world a nicer place. She was very proud to add her sign to join the rest.