This LEGO Addams Family Mansion needs to happen

LEGO is reviewing this nifty Addams Family mansion as a possible box set. It even has Morticia on her rattan chair with a black fan. Read the rest

Help make a Golden Girls LEGO set a reality

How big is the overlap of people who love both LEGOs and 80s camp sitcom Golden Girls? LostSleep hopes at least 10,000, the number of votes needed to make this prototype Golden Girls LEGO set commercially available. Quoth LostSleep: Read the rest

Bulgarian married, with Bulgarian children, in Bulgarian

Even though I don't speak Bulgarian, I can tell that the Bulgarian version of Married With Children is awfully faithful to the dreadful American original. It really seems like the cast spent a long time studying the mannerisms and schtick of the US actors. And though I wouldn't swear to it, I'm pretty sure that's the same laugh-track.

женени с деца България ep1:married with children Bulgaria ep1 (via Super Punch) Read the rest