Dog finds whale vomit

Ambergris in Morecambe, England. [BBC]

A man from Morecambe believes his dog has found a rare piece of whale vomit while walking on the beach. ... Mr Wilman said: "When I picked it up and smelled it I put it back down again and I thought 'urgh'.

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French stench reaches London

Reuters: "A cloud of harmless gas smelling of sweat and rotten eggs leaked out of a chemicals factory in northwest France and wafted across the English Channel as far as London on Tuesday." Read the rest

Pizza Hut perfume

Pizza Hut Canada produced a limited-edition perfume. Apparently, Eau de Pizza Hut has "“top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough." I guess it beats smelling like pepperoni or anchovies. (TODAY, via NextDraft) Read the rest

Smells like shopping

Expect America's malls to soon become orange-scented. A new study by Washington State University researchers suggests that "simple scents" -- they tested orange -- can stimulate a bump in retail sales. This is compared to no smell or "complex scents" like an orange-basil-green tea blend used in this study. From WSU:
The researchers say the (simple) scent is more easily processed, freeing the customer’s mind to focus on shopping. But when that "bandwidth” is unavailable customers don’t perform cognitive tasks as effectively, says (Eric) Spangenberg, (dean of the College of Business)...
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We found the source of the smell (NSFDinner)

A peculiar smell filled the sinister expanse of our basement. We loaded the Victorian-era sinks to clear anything stuck in the drainage traps, disposed of old paints and chemicals, and inspected the closets and boxes for culprits. Nothing.

Weeks passed, until the odor began to permeate upstairs into the house itself. Leaving no corner unexplored, we finally lifted the toilet lid in the basement's ancient, haunted lavatory. Floating, face down, was a massive drowned rat. Underwater, the fur remained; in the air, it had delaminated. An island of smooth, naked ratskin rose from the water, bordered by a grayish crown of putrefaction.

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