WATCH: More great a capella covers of classic video game themes

Smooth McGroove and his cat are back with a new set of lovely a capella versions of classic video game theme songs, including Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy X, and Kirby. Read the rest

WATCH: New OK Go video has drones, scooters, human pixels, and a catchy tune

OK Go returns with another hypnotic, tightly-choreographed video for I Won't Let You Down, from their new album Hungry Ghosts. Read the rest

Ballad of the Virginia mandatory transvaginal ultrasound

Jonathan Mann has devoted today's song-a-day entry to the notorious Virginia transvaginal ultrasound. He notes, "As I was writing this song, the Virginia house passed a bill which still mandates ultrasounds within 24 hours of an abortion, but thankfully, they left out the transvaginal part. I still think the songs stands, though."

More Jonathan Mann songs on Boing Boing.

Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds (Song A Day #1148) Read the rest

Woody Guthrie is timeless. Unfortunately.

Richard sez, "This is a link directly to's mp3 archive of the Woody Guthrie song All You Fascists 'bound to Lose. I couldn't have said it better. I hope that it is true." Read the rest

Barista's "Starbucks Rant" song gets him fired

Chrissizle was a barista at Starbucks who wrote and recorded a ranty, funny song about his job and posted it on YouTube. It "went viral" (oh, how I hate that phrase!) and he got fired.

Welcome to starbucks my name is Chris I'll be your barista for the day Can i make a drink for you miss?

I know you've had a shitty day well so have I I really don't want to care but I get paid to try

Hello rich white lady, I already know what you want you want a skinny vanilla latte young debutaunt

Barista fired after 'Starbucks Rant Song' goes viral Read the rest