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Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy: the cult rants of Fracis E. Dec, Esq.

Schizovisionary cult radio ranter conspiracy theorist Francis E. Dec, Esquire (he insisted on the "esquire," even after having been disbarred from practicing law) was recorded by Los Angeles radio host "Doc on the ROQ" of KROQ-FM. The weirdo audio made its way around the world on cassette tape; later, fans digitized them and shared for all Kosher-Bosher mankind.

The Wikipedia article on Dec is really good. WFMU appreciates his work. Here's a fan club website. Here's a Flickr set of his flyers.

Dec died in 1996. He was mentally ill. While we don't know for sure, his material suggests that he was a "machine-influencing-delusional" schizophrenic. The recordings include much racist and misogynist material: the n-word, and explicit racial hate and sexual stuff. This disclaimer applies here, too.

PS: I'm fairly certain that Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy is shorthand for "Google."

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3 Little Pigs rendered into Papua New Guinea pidgin

Mikey sez, "A recording of the story of the three little pigs in Pidgin Inglis (Tok Pisin). Great to listen to if you only speak English because you can get the gist of it anyway (and you already know the story)." I love listening to familiar texts in pidgin (moreover, I could just listen to pidgin being spoken all day long). The Ur-example, of course, is Makbed, Ken Campbell's Melanesian pidgin rendering of Macbeth.
Talking about Pidgin on radio prompted Ralph Newton to send in a copy of Tripela Liklik Pik (Three Little Pigs) he's had since he spent time in PNG in the 60's. Click on the related audio link below if you'd like to hear what Pidgin sounds like.

The back cover of the record says: "This unique story of the Three Little Pigs was translated into Pidgin and adapted to a Melanesian setting by The Reverend Paul Freyberg of the Lutheran mission at Madang. Mr Freyberg was the Chief Translator of the Nupela Testamen - the New Testament in Pidgin. The story was broadcast by Superintendent Mike Thomas in the ABC's Daily Learning Pidgin Series".

Lesson in New Guinea Pidgin

MP3 link

(Thanks, Mikey!)