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Star Wars: The Force Awakens, behind the scenes video

"You've been here, but you don't know this story," says Mark Hamill, in this behind the scenes mini-documentary just released at ComicCon.

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Watch R2-D2 levitate for real

Otto Dieffenbach uses the Force (and some creative RC engineering) to levitate R2-D2.

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Ultimate t-shirt for trolling science fiction fans

$20-26 from Offworld Designs. (via Diane Duane)

Ackbar's Eleven: Star Wars/Ocean's Eleven mashup

Cross a judiciously edited briefing scene from Star Wars with the audio from the briefing scene in Ocean's Eleven, and what do you get?

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Star Wars Frames looks at the movies' gorgeous cinematography piece by piece

You’ve seen the movies, now see the book. Star Wars Frames collects selections of single frames from the entire Star Wars saga. This giant two volume set features a book for each trilogy. Inside you’ll find selected frames that literally show you the movie piece by piece.

This book draws attention to a dimension of filmmaking that is hard to study as it’s happening. You might remember a cool shot in The Empire Strikes Back, but until now you couldn’t marvel at the shot unless you watched the film and paused it. With Frames, the entire movie is laid out for you to experience at your own pace, letting you fully absorb the weight and technique of each shot. It’s a great look at the gorgeous cinematography at work in each film. The pages are massive, so you can see plenty of detail. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and/or filmmaking, this is a must own. – Alex Strine

Star Wars Frames
by George Lucas
Harry N. Abrams
2013, 736 pages, 12 x 13.5 x 3.5inches
$95 Buy a copy on Amazon

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Genderswapped Slave Leia with balloon-twisted Jabba


Han Solo in Carbonite mini-fridge

The $150 glowing LED-decorated peltier fridge can heat or cool your desktop comestibles while allowing you to role-play Jabba. (via Geeky Merch)

Fan de-mixes the original Star Wars movies

The Despecialized Editions of the original Star Wars movies are a de-mix of the DVD releases, restoring them to the color, edits and pacing of the original cinematic releases.

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Light-up Death Star beach ball

That's no moon -- it's a $10, 14" beach ball with impact activated LEDs!

Chewbacca furry hoodie


The "I am Chewie Hoodie" is $60 from We Love Fine. chewie-back


Gorgeous custom science fiction jewelry

Pittsburgh's Paul Michael Bierker is a jeweler who makes incredible, nerdy rings and other jewelry, from the Tie Fighter engagement rings to the Han Solo in Carbonite rings (also available as a pendant).

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Hear an audience react to Star Wars for the first time in 1977

With the excitement for Star Wars: Episode VII at an all-time high, here's a blast from the past: an audio recording of an audience watching the original film back when it debuted in 1977.

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Twerking Stormtroopers

They may not be able to shoot straight, but they can "step up 2 the streets."

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Kickstarting scenes from Star Wars cut from a single sheet of paper

Marc Hagan-Guirey's best known for his Horrorgami paper sculptures that reproduce buildings from horror movies from painstakingly cut, single sheets of paper.

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Star Wars blueprints aloha shirt

Real rayon! $50 from Thinkgeek: droids, tie-fighters, and the plans for the Death Star (naturally).

New Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer features Han

"Chewie, we're home."

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