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Blue Screen of Death heart

Here's a handsome Blue Screen of Death Valentine's heart. Kathrn Cramer calls it, "A stick-on icon for relationships with a blown motherboard: how to say its over on Valentine's Day."

Heart Sticker (Thanks, Kathryn!)


If you're the sort of person who worries about having jackboot thugs breaking down your door and taking your laptop, you might consider this "Media Artist Contingency Plan," which helpfully marks off the spot you should aim your high-speed drill if you need to nuke your hard-drive in a hurry. Of course, full-disk encryption is a little less messy and more reliable (though perhaps also a little less stylish and dramatic).

Media Artist Contingency Plan

Funny sticker annotations to the London tubemap

An anonymous sticker-comedian has been decorating London tube-maps with commentary on the stations of the Central Line (that's the long red one that runs down the centre). I like this bit of transit-time humor, though the Chunnel-themed one is quite good, too.

Stickers on the Central Line (via Futurismic)

Just look at these awesome banana-sticker design contest winners.

Just look at them.

Chiquita Banana Sticker Design Contest (Thanks, Doggo, via Submitterator!)

CCTV laptop webcam stickers in Boing Boing Bazaar

Ozge Kirimlioglu has brought her wonderful little die-cut vinyl CCTV stickers to the Boing Boing Bazaar. They fit neatly around the webcam pinhole on your laptop, and serve as excellent reminder that a compromised machine can be used to spy on its owner, as they discovered in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania. Before pasting mine on, I cut out a second pinhole so I could see the "camera active" light on my Thinkpad.

Cctv Stickers