Mysterious DVD appears in BB reader's front lawn

Michael Donaldson says:

I thought I'd share this evidence of a recent discovery with all of you as I feel it might be of interest. Yesterday this was found laying in the center of my front lawn. The disc was carefully wrapped in multiple layers of Saran Wrap and sealed at the center, supposedly to protect it from the elements. Once the wrap was opened there were a few evenly cut pieces of white paper folded over the eventual reveal. No idea if I was specifically targeted or if someone was going through my neighborhood throwing these out for everyone. Of course, I'm hoping this was meant just for me but will go for a walk in a bit to see if other specimens can be spotted in my neighbors' yards. I'm a bit hesitant to follow the instructions.

BB G+ers are demanding that Michael upload the audio file, but Michael says he;s having trouble playing it. Do you have any tips for him? Read the rest