All new Submitterator!

Submitterator is back and better than ever! We learned a lot from our original public submission system (basically a reader-generated blog), and I've made a few key changes to help you get your cool stuff to the right people at Boing Boing, and make it easier for everyone else to enjoy your submissions too: We now have a few simple categories for submissions. You don't have to use them, but this helps editors, as well as you, organize and find good submissions. Certain links that are embeddable (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.) will be automatically embedded for you. Just drop your link in the suggested link field. I've removed the voting system for now, as the original wasn't very effective. I'm working on some new alternatives.

You'll need a Boing Boing user account to submit to Submitterator. The private submission form is still available if you'd rather use that.

You're welcome to tell us about things you make and things you sell: once. Apart from this, there is zero tolerance for spam and inappropriate submissions. I'll be actively improving Submitterator, so look forward to changes as it grows!

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