Western movie mega-supercut: Gunslinger


Smash TV's Gunslinger mines more than 50 classic and modern westerns and creates a hypnotic hyper-movie that shows off the formal requirements for a great hay-burner. Read the rest

Movie phone call supercut


Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell cut together a bunch of movie scenes of phone calls, turning it into a fun short film in its own right.

There are so many great phone scenes in movies, so we thought it would be fun to see how many we could string together. Here’s a list of all the movies (in order of appearance):

Burn After Reading

The Matrix

Die Hard With A Vengeance

Dr. Strangelove


Dial M For Murder



The Bourne Supremacy

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Napoleon Dynamite


Casino Royale

Air Force One

Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge Of Reason

Leon: The Professional

Shaun Of The Dead

Tropic Thunder

Rambo III

Play Misty For Me

Wall Street


One Fine Day



Lethal Weapon

No Country For Old Men

Catch Me If You Can


A Nightmare On Elm Street

Back To The Future

Baby Mama

Jingle All The Way


The Hangover

Phone Booth



Rush Hour


Bringing Up Baby

Funny Farm

Black Christmas

It’s A Wonderful Life

Spy Hard

Jerry Maguire

Out Of Time

Shoot ‘Em Up

Pulp Fiction





The Wolf Of Wall Street

Mean Girls

What About Bob

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Supercut of 80s movies' computer hacking


A phone slams into an acoustic coupler on the desk. Screeching beeping sounds. Two people sitting side-by-side in front of a computer. One is a socially awkward nerd. The other is cooler, but dumber.

The nerd types something really fast on the keyboard. A rotating Necker cube appears on the green monochrome monitor. SECTOR-INFILTRATE SEQUENCE INITIATED. We see rapidly scrolling strings of hexadecimals reflected in the nerd's wireframe glasses.

“YES! We're in.”

They stop scrolling, and begin to disintegrate, and are replaced by a jolly roger. "HA HA HA!" it says, lower jaw cycling.

"We're in," says the nerd, grinning. "How did you do that!?" interrobangs the cool person. Enjoy this supercut of computer hacking scenes from the 1980s.

[via] Read the rest

Every tautological statement made in The Wire


It is what it is.

Read the rest

Star Trek movie supercuts: just the spaceships

Thomas Hunt's done all the Trek movies as ship-only videos, which is, as JWZ notes, oddly soothing. Read the rest

Humbug supercut

Robbo sends us a "Supercut of all the 'Humbugs' from 32 different versions of A Christmas Carol. Spot your favourites!"

'Humbug' - The Christmas Carol Supercut (Thanks, Robbo) Read the rest

Supercut of all the alternate endings to the Animaniacs theme

Here's TammieRD's compilation of all the alternate endings to the Animaniacs theme song, each better than the last.
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