The Legend of Zelda: the 80s teen movie

Truly, words can not justify what you are about to witness, but I'll give it a whack anyway: A brilliant mashup trailer of 80s teen movie moments all smoothly tied together into a video game character love story. You're going to nostalgia so hard, you have no idea.

The details make it. And it's weighted down with them. Enjoy!

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2NE1: K-Pop diva with auto-tune, spaceships, dancing Stormtroopers

[Video Link]

While you were sleeping, K-Pop morphed into this. Zoetica of Coilhouse, from whose tweets I found this, asks:

"How can I simultaneously hate and love one thing this much?"

The one I've embedded below contains dancing Stormtroopers. And, yes, more auto-tune. The styling in both videos is kind of incredible.

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