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Great 8-bit gamer tees

8-Bitty does some extremely great pixel-art tees inspired by classic video-games. I like the two-sided, full-shirt screens the best, like the mummy wrappings and the skeleton (this one reminds me of the classic Skeletees and makes me wish it was as detailed as Leslie Arwin's original).

8-Bitty (Thanks, Luke!)

Marty McFly tee

The screen-printed Marty McFly/Back to the Future tee is $24-30 at Amazon.

Back To The Future Marty McFly Vest Costume Adult Movie T-Shirt Tee (via Geekologie)

Smoke-a-Bowl tees commemorate a Superbowl between two legal pot states, and raise money for NORML

Kyle from Bumperactive writes, "On February 2, Washington and Colorado, the first two States to legalize recreational marijuana, compete in... The Smoke-A-Bowl! Bumperactive is celebrating the historic event with a special edition of three Smoke-A-Bowl IVXX tees, and a sticker set. $5.00 from the sale of every tee, and $2.00 from every sticker pack, benefits the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). 'Cause it ain't just about feelin' groovy. It's also about ending half a century of disastrous and inhumane drug control policy. We're 4% of the way there. Orders ship via USPS next business day!"

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Bad science stock-art tee

Ape Lad writes, "I have a shirt on sale on shirt.woot tonight, inspired by Maggie's link to awkward science photos. Thanks for the inspiration!"

Cthulhu/Coke tee is back on sale

Following from Tuesday's post about the sadly not-available Cthulhu/Coca-Cola tee, good news: it's back on sale!

Cthulhoid Coca-Cola tee

The bad news is that Tee Fury hasn't sold this smashing Obey Cthulhu/Coca Cola tee since July. The good news is that you can vote for them to bring it back. Vote!

Obey Cthulhu (via Seannan McGuire)

Crowdfunding a new location for Phoenix's wonderful Changing Hands bookstore

Safwat sez, "After unsuccessfully trying to sell nude photos on Craiglist (Watch the project video to learn more about that!), Moby-Dick, Frankenstein's monster AND Gregor Samsa turn to crowdfunding to help Changing Hands Bookstore build a new indie bookstore in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. There's some pretty funny and one-of-a-kind classic-literature based t-shirts, prints and greeting cards up for grabs."

I spoke at Changing Hands on my last book tour and not only were the staff kind and knowledgeable, the store was spectacular. What's more, it was clearly a hub for a community of active readers in Phoenix. They certainly deserve your support! The t-shirts/posters are fab, too. Prints start at $10, tees at $30, and you can get all five tees (and support an amazing bookseller) for $140.

Frank 'N Moby Build a Bookstore (Thanks, Safwat!)

2600's 30th anniversary tees

Emmanuel from 2600 Magazine sez, "2600 is turning 30 and, to help celebrate, has put out two new t-shirts simultaneously. The first focuses on what has changed over three decades in publishing, with images of a floppy disk, a CD, and a flash drive on the front and 30 headlines - one from each of the hacker magazine's 30 years - displayed on the back. The second shirt focuses squarely on the NSA, with an iconic picture of their headquarters on the front that got 2600 staffers detained immediately after they took it. The red stamp over the top of the picture represents what could be the popular view on what NSA should really stand for: No Such Authority. On the back is part of a leaked NSA document concerning PRISM, along with a call to arms (or, in this case, stronger crypto). Finally, to help celebrate the 30th anniversary, the 2600.XXX domain is now in operation."

Bad at tumbler shirt

Now in the Diesel Sweeties store, a magnificent net.tee: "bad at tumbler." That R. Stevens sure knows how to nail the zeitgeist in t-shirt form.

Women in science tees

Jeremy sez, "To celebrate Ada Lovelace day, celebrating women in science and technology (Tuesday, Oct 15th this year) I've put together a collection of t-shirts featuring women in science and technology. Since I know that despite their contributions many of these women are not household names I've also added a brief writeup of each woman's best known accomplishments when you mouse over each design."

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Star-themed tees to raise money for astrophotography gear

Jason sez, "I am trying to raise money to buy better astrophotography gear, so I can take even better pictures, so I'm doing this by selling shirts I have designed."

The Main Sequence (Thanks, Jason!)

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Happy birthday, Haunted Mansion!

Today is the 44th anniversary of the public opening of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Happy birthday, old timer. You are loved still. I've celebrated by ordering one of the limited edition Hatbox Ghost tees.

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Decrypting EFF's DEFCON crypto-challenge tee

For this year's DEFCON conference, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released an encryption-puzzle t-shirt (with glow-in-the-dark clues!) designed by EFF Senior Designer Hugh D'Andrade and Staff Technologist Micah Lee. The puzzle was fiendishly clever and made for a beautiful tee, and now it has been cracked by some of DEFCON's intrepid attendees, the first ten of whom stand to win a beautiful, limited edition, signed print.

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Anatomy tees redux

When I blogged Leslie Arwin's Skeletees in 2007, I had no idea that I'd still be wearing my Skeletee all the time, six years later. But it seems like I wear it at least once every couple weeks, despite my massive trove of shirts. She does a gorgeous muscle tee, too, and many other designs:

Medical illustrator Leslie Arwin's Skeletees feature highly detailed, stark anatomical drawings of the bones, muscles, nerves and digestive tract, printed on the front and back. I picked up a skeleton shirt today and I'm delighted with it -- it's a great, thick, high-quality tee with a nice cut and the design is wonderful.

Anatomical T-Shirts -

Creature from the Black Lagoon as outlaw biker tee

Spotted at Comic-Con: Ben Von Strawn's "The Creatcha" tees, which sport a version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon in biker drag and a coal-scuttle helmet.

Ben Von Strawn The Creatcha T-Shirt