The Equals perform "Police On My Back"

The Clash recorded "Police On My Back" for Sandinista! in 1980, but The Equals (fronted by Eddie Grant) did it on 1967. Here's the Richard-Lester-meets-the-Keystone-Kops video.

Here's The Clash's cover:

Both are great. I like the Clash's version better.

The Clash also covered Toots & The Maytals "Pressure Drop."

Both are great. I like Toots & The Maytals' version better.

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LISTEN: demo versions from Clash's London Calling

The Clash will always be my favorite band. So it is nice to listen to these early drafts of the songs on London Calling. Open Culture has a bunch of them, including songs that never made it on the double LP, like "Heart and Mind" (above). Read the rest

Clash release 12-cd box set with giant fake cigarette

The Clash's new 12-disk set is called Sound System, and is loaded with a bunch of swag, including what looks like a giant cigarette. I don't know what the significance of it is, though.

The new Clash retrospective, Sound System, is a 12-disc monstrosity containing remastered versions of the original band’s studio recordings, three full discs of demos, rarities and live tracks and a DVD of all their videos, as well as plenty of bodacious swag including official Clash fanzines, posters, stickers, badges and even Clash-related dogtags, all painstakingly packaged in an exact replica of Mr. Simonon’s beloved old boom-box.

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Google's 5-part documentary about The Clash

I just found out about this documentary of my favorite band, The Clash, which was produced by Google. Above: it's Topper, Paul, and Mick!

In this exclusive documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of the late, great Joe Strummer, all four members of “the only band that matters” walk us through the making of each of their classic albums. Newly re-mastered versions of those albums are available below, along with a new hits collection based on the set list from one of Joe’s favorite gigs. Plus, four contemporary bands inspired by the Clash’s legacy offer their own takes on the band’s songs. If you already love the Clash, watch and listen and we guarantee you’ll hear something new. If you don’t, you’ll hear why you should.

Google produces a five part documentary on the Clash featuring the remaining band members talking through their classic albums and never-before-seen footage of Joe Strummer (Via The World's Best Ever) Read the rest