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Last Unicorn heading to Broadway

Peter Beagle's beloved novel is in development as a touring musical with Josh Duhamel and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.

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Charles Manson, the musical


"Charles Manson: Summer of Hate – The Musical" just opened at Hamburg, Germany's Thalia Theater.

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Stalking the Bogeyman: play about tracking down your abuser [TW]

Kurt sez, "'Stalking the Bogeyman' is a Kickstarter-funded play about the true story of my friend David Holthouse, an investigative journalists, who tracked down the man who sexually assaulted him as a child, 25 years later."

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Little girl recites Shakespeare: All the world's a stage

Iain writes, "Over about 18 months, I recorded my daughter reciting a famous monologue by William Shakespeare, one line at a time. If you've got a child (or a whole class of them) why not make your own version? (Inspired by the wonderful 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' video recorded at Burning Man." (Thanks, Iain!)

Kickstarting Muzzled: a musical about a land where singing is power

Zach sez, "We've launched a campaign for our musical series MUZZLED THE MUSICAL which takes place in in the Serenadia Kingdom, where singing is power. It feautres cast from 'The Lizzie Bennett Diaries' and 'A Very Potter Musical,' as well as Kevin Sorbo from 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' and Andromeda, and Juliet Landau from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel.'"

Looks good, but expensive: $50 to get a download of the first season!

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Wolfgang Pauli opera in Austin: For Fear the Glass May Shatter

Jon Lebkowsky sez, "My amazing friend, neurocomputing specialist, musician & composer David Demaris has created the most geek-tastic opera ever, For Fear the Glass May Shatter. It's been produced as part of Austin's Fusebox Festival, and is running through this weekend at the Vortex Theatre here."

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RAW's The Cosmic Trigger as a stage play


41XiMQHcn2LA group of dedicated disciples of bOING bOING contributor Robert Anton Wilson are orchestrating a stage production of RAW's "Comsic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati," a fantastic memoir of high weirdness that had a massive influence on my own life. Leading the charge is Daisy Eris Campbell, whose father adapted RAW's The Illuminatus! Trilogy for live theater in the 1970s. The Daily Grail has the scoop: "Pulling The Cosmic Trigger"

In other news... Fnord.

Chick Flick: the musical opens in NYC this week

Suzy sez, "I'm continuing my mission to author feminist musical theatre -- over the last decade I've had my work performed in New York, Chicago, Toronto, L.A, and Seattle. My latest effort is titled CHICK FLICK THE MUSICAL and it opens in New York this week."

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Little Brother stageplay now available for local performances

Josh Costello is the playwright who created the award-winning, sold-out stage adaptation of my novel Little Brother. Now, he writes, "The stage adaptation of Cory's novel Little Brother was a big hit in San Francisco in 2012, and the script is now available for licensing. Want to see Little Brother on stage in your city? Playwright Josh Costello has posted information about licensing the script, along with video clips, photos, and reviews from the premiere. If you know folks in your local theatre community that might be interested in producing the play, this is where to send them.

"Theaters will want to know that the adaptation is a full-length play for three actors (one woman and two men). There is also a large-cast version available (which might especially appeal to schools). A script sample (as published in Theatre Bay Area Magazine) is available for download.

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Super Mario Rock Opera, by Song a Day guy Jonathan Mann, debuts in NYC Aug 17

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann, best known as the Song a Day YouTube star, has a cool new project that those of you in New York can enjoy.

"My Super Mario Rock Opera goes up at Joe's Pub this Saturday, August 17th," he says. "The one-line pitch: Mario becomes self aware. Would love to see some happy mutants there!"

I ran into him recently at our blogging pals Laughing Squid's barbecue in Brooklyn; he shared this news with me there, and I knew many of our readers would dig it.

As many of you may remember, Jonathan wrote me a song --all for me! it was amazing!--called "Kittens in Space," to cheer me up when I was going through treatment for breast cancer, and gagging on chemotherapy. The song worked. Watch it below.

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Tempspence: an Internet improv, on Twitter, with a reality TV star's account

Mark Marino and Rob Wittig say,

For the first 3 weeks of January, the verified Twitter account of reality TV star Spencer Pratt (of MTV's The Hills) became the site for a literary performance art project. The framing story held that Spencer had lost his phone while in England before a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, and the phone was found by an unknown British poet.

Over the next several weeks @tempspence, as he came to be known, played a variety of poetry games and recounted the story of his courtship of his dual love interests Una & Duessa, named for the characters from Book 1 of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. The project was designed and performed by collaborators Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig. Mark and Rob have been developing netprov, a kind of catfish lit. Some of the exchanges and games have been archived here.

Reality: Being @spencerpratt (a netprov) (Thanks, Mark!)

Hacker theatre troupe in Berlin to stage "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth"

This is pretty cool: Berlin's C-base, home to the Chaos Communications Club, has spawned a theatre troupe called C-artre. They've produced a theatrical adaptation of my short story "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth" (from my collection Overclocked) and they're staging it later this month at Berlin's Transmediale festival.

Little Brother on stage in print!

The next issue of Theatre Bay Area will feature the full text of Josh Costello's theatrical adaptation of my novel Little Brother, which was incredibly well-received on stage in San Francisco last year.

Grand Guignol horror show, 1947


Grand Guignol was a Parisian theater that between 1897 and 1962 staged macabre plays known for their cartoon horror and violence. LIFE shares with us vintage photos of this splatterpunk paradise. Above, "Burned by vitriol thrown at him by his girl who comes to seek forgiveness, her lover turns slowly to reveal his elaborately blighted face. Then he strangles her." "Shock Value: Inside Paris’ Grand Guignol Theater, 1947"

Marat/Sade online

"The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade" is a play written by Peter Weiss, whose conceit is that a group of inmates in a post-revolutionary French insane asylum are talked into acting out a subversive denunciation of the revolution's betrayal by the Marquis de Sade, who is a co-inmate. And it's a musical.

My parents loved this one, and we sang the songs in the car. I've seen several productions, including the 1967 film of a live performance. It turns out that this whole film is online on YouTube, all two hours' worth. It's quite an amazing work, and the YouTube version is subtitled in English, Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Spanish and Turkish.

The Marquis de Sade is locked in the Charenton mental hospital and decides to put on a play. His overseers agree as long as he follows certain conditions. He writes and directs the other mental patients in a play based on the life of the Jean-Paul Marat. As the play progresses, the inmates become more and more possessed by the violence of the play and become extremely difficult to control. Finally, all chaos breaks loose.

Marat/Sade (1967) (via MeFi)

Kickstart a revival of a science fiction classic at the NYC Fringe

Michael Ross Albert sends us "A Kickstarter campaign to help fund the first major New York revival of NIGHT OF THE AUK by Arch Oboler."

Originally produced by the legendary Kermit Bloomgarden in 1956, the first production of this space epic was directed by luminary Sidney Lumet, and starred Christopher Plummer, Claude Rains, and Dick York. This summer, Outside Inside, a new independent theatre company, will produce the first major revival of Oboler's interstellar adventure as part of the 16th Annual New York International Fringe Festival!

Hugely influential in the world of science-fiction, Arch Oboler's underrated and undervalued works have all but fallen into obscurity. Now, Outside Inside needs your help to resurrect a lost classic of the sci-fi genre. Set aboard an ill-fated spacecraft returning to Earth after the first successful lunar expedition, NIGHT OF THE AUK is a nail-biting adventure, a cautionary fable, and the most fun you're likely to have in the theatre this summer!

Presented in a sleek new 75 minute adaptation and designed by a top-notch team of professional artists, NIGHT OF THE AUK promises to be an unforgettable FringeNYC experience.

Arch Oboler's NIGHT OF THE AUK (Thanks, Michael!)

Actor playing Judas dies after stage hanging

"Klimeck was re-enacting the scene in which Judas commits suicide in repentance for his betrayal of Jesus Christ. Police are investigating the apparatus that was meant to support Klimeck. It appears the knot may have been wrongly tied." [BBC]

Science fiction apocalypses live on stage in New Hampshire

John Herman sez, "I am producing 'An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre' in Portsmouth, NH. Nine plays, nine visions of the end -- including new works by Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author James Patrick Kelly and best selling author of The Great Typo Hunt, Jeff Deck. A couple argues in a bomb shelter over a dog puzzle. A man gets an unexpected visit from Intergalactic Salvage. CERN scientists experience the romance of multi-verses. PLUS: Not only is the money raised going to three local charities, but I will also shave my head halfway through the show’s run to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a group that funds childhood cancer research grants"

An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre (Thanks, John!)

Aliens: on ice!

Austin's Old Murder House Theater has mounted a rendition of Aliens -- on ice! It's more or less faithful to the original, and it's, well, stupendous:

Anyone who has seen Aliens can follow what transpires over the next 70 minutes or so. It's James Cameron's film on fastforward…and caffeine…and possibly cocaine. The show captures the little details and turns of phrases that fans will know by heart and cast makes creative use of the ice, never standing still when they have to. Ripley's confrontation with the board that accuses her of destroying the ship from the first film is transformed into humorously blunt exchange, with every party involved skating around each other in menacing circles. The colonial marines searching the seemingly abandoned colony of LV421 becomes a showcase for humorously clumsy figure skating. The subtle relationship between Ripley and Hicks becomes gloriously unsubtle when the two share a brief little spin together on the ice.

These guys may not be professional skaters, but they're not bad. Not bad at all. They're certainly not afraid of the ice and they're not afraid of taking risks. When they do stumble, they play it off beautifully and keep moving. They make the "on ice" part of the show look effortless until they make a mistake and then it becomes a newly improvised joke. Using expert skaters as the aliens is a truly inspired choice and seeing the aliens literally skate circles around the clumsy humans is a genuinely thrilling experience.

'Aliens on Ice': The Review (With Video!) (via JWZ)

Bechdel's Fun Home to be a musical

"Fun Home," Alison Bechdel's brilliant graphic novel memoir (review here) is being adapted for musical theater:

“My father and I grew up in the same small Pennsylvania town and he was gay and I was gay and he killed himself and I became a lesbian cartoonist,” Bechdel's character says in Fun Home.

Kron is a founding member of the theater company Five Lesbian Brothers and an Obie Award winning playwright for her autobiographical play 2.5 Minute Ride.

Tony nominated composer Tesori won the 1999 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Music in a play with her compositions for Twelfth Night at Lincoln Center and she also picked up the Obie Award for the score for 1997’s off-Broadway show Violet as well as composing 11 new songs for a production of Thouroughly Modern Millie that transferred to Broadway in 2002.

Alison Bechdel's Graphic Novel 'Fun Home' to Become a Stage Musical (via The Mary Sue)

Teller working on stage production of The Exorcist

Teller (of Penn & Teller fame) is working on a stage adaptation of William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist. Teller's got an eclectic, less-well-known scholarly/serious bent, having contributed to peer-reviewed work on the neuroscience of magic as well as directing an acclaimed performance of Macbeth. From the early notes, it sounds like this adaptation will play off Teller's advocacy for atheism.

Unlike William Friedkin’s film of The Exorcist (which isn’t anywhere near the best film of all time, just for the record), this play will “focus on the psychological aspects and questions of faith.” At least, that’s according to Ken Novice, the MD of New York’s Geffen Playhouse, where the play will premiere in July 2012. I can see that the film is at least supposed to focus on those same things, and when it works, it’s because it does...

Re the above quotation, Chelsea writes, "I'm the communications coordinator at the Geffen Playhouse, and while I appreciate your recent post on our upcoming production of The Exorcist, there are a few factual errors. First, the Geffen Playhouse is in Los Angeles. Second, Teller is helping out with some of the special effects for the play, but he is not one of the producers nor is he 'bringing the play to the stage.' The Geffen Playhouse is producing the show, John Doyle is directing the show and John Pielmeier is writing the show."

(via The Mary Sue)