Short film: gentleman realizes his pickpocketing of stranded motorist was caught on camera

Clips of this are going viral as genuine security footage, but it's really a short film by Rasheed Parakkal about how technology helps us find redemption. Read the rest

Two diamond thieves caught in a busted elevator

Two alleged jewelry thieves were busted after attempting to swipe $86,000 worth of diamond rings in Sycamore Township, Ohio. Police found the store's door smashed and heard noise coming from elevator. They called the fire department who opened the faulty elevator, revealing Leroy Bridgman, 57, and Marcie Young, 61, stuck inside. According to police, they had stashed the goods, along with "criminal tools" in the ceiling of the lift.

“Sometimes karma makes sure things work out how they should," Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil told WCPO.

(Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!) Read the rest

With stolen iPhone, burglar accidentally posts selfie video online

Los Angeles police are searching for the identity of this burglar, who accidentally shot and published a selfie with his victim's iPhone. Read the rest

Tower of London keys swiped

Locks had to be changed at London's 930-year old fortress—and home of the crown jewels—after a man was found trespassing within the walls, keys in hand. [Reuters] Read the rest

Thief stuffs Pomeranian puppy down pants

A thief caught on CCTV at a pet store made his escape by stuffing a $1,400 puppy down his pants.

Recorded by Zoo-Rama in Elmont, New York, footage shows the dog snatcher grabbing the pup out of a cage, stretching open his waistband, then shoving it into the darkness—start from about 5m in. Trapped inside his sweats, the Pomeranian writhes as its captor heads for the exit. If you know anything about the caper, the store owner has $500 for you.

Video Shows Thief Stuffing Tiny Pomeranian Down His Pants At Elmont Pet Store [CBS] Read the rest

FBI has lead on D.B. Cooper

The FBI is hot on the trail of D.B. Cooper, the mysterious heister who leapt from his looted airplane into myth. Nearly four decades since his disappearance, a "credible lead" has come in. From CNN:
It's been nearly four decades since a man calling himself Dan Cooper jumped out the back of Northwest Orient Flight 305, somewhere between Seattle and Reno, Nevada, carrying a parachute and some $200,000 in pilfered money. It's not known where Cooper landed, or if he even survived the jump. But the case lives on in infamy, what the FBI calls "one of the great unsolved mysteries" in the agency's history.
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