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Atoms for Peace play a surprise intimate show in Los Angeles

Thom Yorke had some choice words for a few inattentive listeners in the crowd at a secret-until-the-last-minute Atoms for Peace show in Los Angeles. Xeni was there to hear them, and to hear the otherworldly stream of magical beats that flowed forth from a red brick nightclub that once showcased John Coltrane and other jazz greats.Read the rest

Atoms for Peace: "Default"

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Loving the blippy, glitchy feel of "Default," the new track from Atoms for Peace, the Thom Yorke/Flea/Nigel Godrich project.

Pitchfork has more.

At the Radiohead website, word from Yorke that an album is coming in 2013.

Buy the single, "Default," on itunes or Amazon.