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Beautiful timelapse of Moab, Utah

Photographer Ron Risman runs timelapse video workshops and the results are transcendent. Here's his latest, called "Dark Skies of Utah." Ron said to me:

"Dark Skies of Utah" was captured by eleven photographers last month in Utah during a 5-day Timelapse workshop. Eight of the eleven photographers had never captured timelapses before they attended the class. The results are simply breathtaking.

The photographers had instruction over a 5-day period and were given access to motion control gear. Some used them, some didn't. This film is the result of their work after just a day or two of instruction. The timelapses are made up of over 5400 images.

Time Lapse Workshops

Time-lapse videos of ice cream melting

Ilsoo Yang made lovely time-lapse videos of melting ice cream. (via Devour)

Time-lapse video of "the cleanest, darkest skies on Earth"

"I shot this film over 12 days around the San Pedro de Atacama region of Northern Chile," writes videographer Nicholas Buer. "San Pedro is an oasis town in the Atacama and sits at an altitude of 2600m. The town is a great base to explore the fascinating landscapes that surround it, and everything just goes up and up. The Atacama is well-known for what are arguably the cleanest, darkest skies on Earth."

Pleasing video from a timelapse photography class in Moab, Utah

Photographer Ron Risman taught a group of newbies how to create timelapse photography. Here are the dramatic results of the four-day workshop.

Moab, Utah is not only home to hundred's of natural arches, it's also home to incredibly dark skies - making it an ideal spot to capture footage of the night sky. In October 2013 a group of photographers got together for a workshop event called Timelapse Moab, where they learned how to capture timelapses and more importantly, timelapses of the night sky.

Timelapse Moab Workshop

Timelapse of Boston's nemopocalypse

jere7my sez, "I pointed my camera out my dining room window for 30 hours of Nemo in Boston, from the start of precipitation on Friday to the end of Saturday's cleanup, and condensed it all down to a minute. Enjoy this wintry timelapse! That's me waving at the camera for a few frames around 0:33."

Nemo Timelapse

Death Valley Dreamlapse at peak of 2012 Geminid meteor shower

A beautiful time-lapse of the starry, Gemenids meteor filled skies over Death Valley, California. From Gavin Heffernan of Sunchaser Pictures.

More about the making of:

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Toronto Tempo: beautiful timelapse of Toronto's rhythms

"Toronto Tempo," a 3:42 timelapse video of Toronto captures the city's many iconic rhythms and gaits, from the subway's rocketing roar to the deceptive stillness of the lakeshore to the beetling crowds of the Eaton Centre and the St Lawrence Market. It's beautifully edited, even if it sports the obligatory ethereal timelapse music.

(via @davidakin)

Timelapse of 3D printout of Stephen Colbert's head

Darren Barefoot sends us this link to a timelapse video of a MakerBot 3D printer extruding a copy of Stephen Colbert's head, noting, "John Biehler has a 3-D printer, an excellent photographic eye and whimsy."

Colbert timelapse (Thanks, Darren!)