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How to unhook all those apps with access to your data

Nick Bilton shows how to kick forgotten corporate eyes out of your Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts: "it’s time to start deleting." [NYT] Rob 3

Parallel parking is easy

Yishan Wong, via Kottke. think you are too close, or have too much of an angle, and you lose your nerve and you stop following the directions and you turn your wheel not enough or too early or while you're still moving backwards. Don't do those things. Parallel parking is a precise mechanical formula that works every time, and all you need in order to be an "expert" is to follow the directions exactly.

Don't want to give up on internet privacy?

Brian Fung offers a quick guide on how to stick it out. [WaPo] Rob 2

Windows 95 tips

I'm calling it already: Windows 95 Tips is Blog of the Year.

Update: the creator is Neil Cicierega!