Excellent video on how to unclog a bathroom sink


The folks at This Old House use clear plastic plumbing to explain how bathroom sinks work, and how to unclog them.

We live in an old house and the pipes get clogged a lot. My favorite bathroom sink unclogger is the Drain Weasel.

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Tip for Mac users: Use Preview to put signatures on PDFs


Here's a good tip for Mac users. When you get a PDF contract needs your signature, you don't need to print it, sign it, scan it, and email it. You can just add your signature in Preview and email it.

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Favorite tips from Gareth Branwyn, former editorial director of Make

My old friend Gareth Branwyn is the former Editorial Director of MAKE. He was also the senior editor at bOING bOING print, a section editor at Mondo 2000, and a Wired contributing editor for 12 years. Gareth has also written and edited over a dozen books. His most recent book, a combo best-of collection and “lazy man’s memoirs” is called Borg Like Me (& Other Tales of Art, Eros, and Embedded Systems) Kevin Kelly and I recently interview Gareth for the Cool Tools Show podcast.

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Show Notes:

Notebook Keyword Index

"As you generate subjects, you write down those subjects along the outer edge of the back page, and then … as you write the subject in the content of the book, you just mark the corresponding area on the outer edge of the notebook — just a little black mark — and so then as you look through the edge of the notebook, you can see all … the black marks that connect to that line of the back cover index." Bonding Plastic with a Dremel

"The basic idea is you just take a Dremel tool. If you want to bond 2 pieces of plastic, like you’ve worked on a 3D print that’s broken or you want to combine 2 pieces of a 3D print, you just slot a piece of plastic rod into a rotary tool and just place it as it spins around. Read the rest

Copy lots, paste little

The 12" retina MacBook, 6 months in. Almost ready to review it. Read the rest

Tip: cover paint can with tissue before hammering it shut


Well, you hardly even need to watch Popular Mechanics' 10-second video now, do you?

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How to recreate the sounds of "Forbidden Planet"

In each episode of the Gadgets podcast we recommend technology we love and use. Xeni, Jason, and Mark check out a pro-quality food dehydrator, a camera lens and eyeglass cleaning brush, a cool synthesizer kit, and more!

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Good advice from bad people

Zac Bissonnette believes even horrible people like Donald Rumsfeld, Newt Gingrich, and Bernie Madoff are occasionally worth listening to.

How to unhook all those apps with access to your data

Nick Bilton shows how to kick forgotten corporate eyes out of your Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts: "it’s time to start deleting." [NYT] Read the rest

Parallel parking is easy

Yishan Wong, via Kottke.
...you think you are too close, or have too much of an angle, and you lose your nerve and you stop following the directions and you turn your wheel not enough or too early or while you're still moving backwards. Don't do those things. Parallel parking is a precise mechanical formula that works every time, and all you need in order to be an "expert" is to follow the directions exactly.
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Don't want to give up on internet privacy?

Brian Fung offers a quick guide on how to stick it out. [WaPo] Read the rest

Windows 95 tips

I'm calling it already: Windows 95 Tips is Blog of the Year.

Update: the creator is Neil Cicierega! Read the rest