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James Cameron wants to help the Mythbusters prove that Jack and Rose could not have both occupied that door-raft

Apologies for another Titanic-related post this week, but this one has Mythbusters in it. James Cameron did an interview with IGN in which he talked about the conversion to 3D, yada yada yada... And then a minute before the end of the video, the interviewer asks Cameron if he's aware of the Reddit thread trying to debunk the whole "door couldn't hold both Jack and Rose" thing. Cameron argues that while sheer surface area may have allowed two people to lay on top, physics would not. It flipped when Jack tried to get on, you see. And the filmmaker says that Discovery Channel's Mythbusters will be tackling this mystery of buoyancy on an upcoming episode, and he would like to help them prove that he was right.

I feel like Cameron has actually run this experiment in his own personal laboratory numerous times, and that's why he's so sure of this. (Plus, science totally backs him up.) Though I still think that if Jeremy Sisto played Jack, he not only would have found a way for both him and Kate Winslet to get on that thing, he would have saved both of their lives with sex warmth.

James Cameron: No, There Was Not Room for Two on the ‘Titanic’ Raft [Flavorwire]

A deeper-than-necessary look: Jeremy Sisto read for Leonardo DiCaprio's role in Titanic

I know, this is a post about Titanic. But hear me out for a moment, because it involves who wasn't cast in one of the lead roles. Jeremy Sisto, the intense, grumbly-voiced actor who is no stranger to delving into darker territory (really dark, see: Six Feet Under and Hideaway) as well as comedy (Suburgatory), played the role of Jack Dawson in Kate Winslet's screen test. You might recall that the role was eventually played by Leonardo DiCaprio, the towheaded dreamboat with the blue eyes that launched a thousand prom dresses in the late 1990s. While Sisto is way more believable as that weird guy who watches girls and sketches them without their knowledge, Titanic probably would not have been the box office smash it was if Jack had been taken in this direction.

After the jump, video of the screen test, and an in-depth analysis of how the real-life tragedy/fake romance of Titanic would have been different with Jeremy Sisto playing Jack.

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Bob Dylan’s “Titanic” by Tim Heidecker (music video)

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Comic genius Tim Heidecker, who is roughly 50% of Tim and Eric (also behind "Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie," and "Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule"), has yet again created something I find very funny.

"Recently, I read that Bob Dylan’s new album Tempest will feature a 14 minute song about the Titanic," he writes, "So I wrote this song to see if I could beat the Master to it. I can’t wait to see how close I got to the real thing!"

Above, a preview. The entire opus is fifteen minutes long, and you can purchase it here.