World's fastest tortoise

Bertie the tortoise broke the world record for the fastest animal in his species, moving at .28 meters/second, beating a tortoise named Charlie's 1977 record of .125 meters/second. Meet Bertie in the video below, celebrating his entry into the new Guinness World Records book.

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Tortoises opening doors

The more I think about this, the more terrifying it gets. Here are more videos of tortoises opening doors. Read the rest

Cop shoots aggressive tortoise

A Ugandan police officer enjoying a cup of tea at home shot and killed a tortoise because it "became very aggressive" and "violent," according to the BBC News. Read the rest

Lost pet tortoise found in family storeroom 30 years later

Leandro Almeida of Rio de Janeiro was cleaning out a storeroom at his family's home when a neighbor noticed a tortoise in a box meant for the trash. Turns out, the tortoise was Manuela, a family pet who they thought escaped back in 1982. From Edmonton Journal:
The red-footed tortoise feeds in the wild on fruit, leaves, feces and dead animals, a professor told Brazil's, but can go up to three years without eating.

The family speculated that Manuela may have survived on termites while in the house.

"Family finds pet tortoise that was missing for 30 years as they clean out dead father's storeroom" Read the rest