9/11 Truthers still not done


If lacking the attention they got in times past, those who believe in conspiracy theories concerning the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks are still going.

The common thread between these three believers, and others I spoke with, is the sense of isolation from regular social scenes and the reinforcement from the tightly knit 9/11 Truth community.

“It’s brutal. I will never volunteer to talk about it,” Mcllvaine said. “In my circles, people ignore it. It’s like I’m a leper. I don’t see many people anymore.” He says his wife supports him, but doesn’t want to talk about how Bobby died. She says it doesn’t matter, if even his theories are true, because it won’t bring her son back. “If she started talking about that she wouldn’t have any friends.” …

But within the movement, they have a safe space.

It's an ad-hoc mutual support group, in other words.

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