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No big deal just an animated GIF of a unicorn riding a rainbow

unicorn_riding_rainbow_by_k_rui-d3lmuln By Deviantartist k-rui.

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Zombie unicorn

Tully's "Zombie Unicorn," posted to CGHub, is the unicorn we've all dreamt of, but never dared to conjure forth. If only I could buy this as a life-size piece for the office (or even just the head on a trophy plaque).

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Unicorn proceeds through customs

Everyone's all worked up at the fact that Emily Harris, 9, was able to proceed through through customs with a passport that identified her as a unicorn. What do these tabloids have against unicorns? [The Sun]

Double rainbows: Here's what they mean

The physics blog Skulls in the Stars has answers to your rainbow-related questions. Among the fascinating things we learn here — each color in a rainbow represents the light reflected by a separate group of raindrops; skydivers can see circular rainbows; and the famous double rainbow happens when light bounces off the inside of a raindrop not just once ... but twice.

Retro Unicorn Attack

PixelJam's Retro Unicorn Attack takes the Erasure-themed game and demakes it even better. Play it just for the fantastic chiptune version of Always.

Best unicorn tattoos

From this carefully-curated selection. [Acid Cow]

Patent on creating a unicorn, and an ancient unicorn lair

NewImage The Korean Central News Agency reports that scientists have "recently reconfirmed" a unicorn's lair in Pyongyang. Not surprisingly, the magical animal itself was nowhere to be found as this is the home of a unicorn said to have been ridden by King Tongmyong, founder of the Koguryo Kingdom (B.C. 277-A.D. 668). How did the scientists know that this was the famed unicorn's lair? "A rectangular rock carved with words "Unicorn Lair" stands in front of the lair." This according to the KCNA, which is the official state news agency, so you know it must be true.

Related, here is a Sideshow World interview with Oberon Zell-Ravnhart who has been "re-creating" unicorns like the one seen above since 1980. In fact, he holds a patent on it. (Thanks, Stacey Ransom!)

Unicorns in Love

Illustration: Dead Zebra, Inc. [via the Boing Boing Flickr Pool]

Charming silent film short about tree climbing

I feel like the science posts have all been on the depressing side today, so please enjoy this pleasant, Buster Keaton-inspired film short.

Via friendlysasquatch on Submitterator!

Unicorn head mask

Attention! There is now a unicorn version of Accoutrements' legendary Horse Head Mask.

Product Features
• Fits most adult heads
• Super Creepy!
• This mask lets you be the unicorn you know you are!
• Latex with realistic fur mane.
• Are you a secret unicorn?

Well, are you?

Sparkles: The Soldering My Little Pony Unicorn


Earlier this year I had a dream. Last night at the Crash Space (Los Angeles hackerspace) weekly meeting, that dream became a reality, thanks in part to the dedication and follow through of Matt Pinner. Go team.

"Please make me a painting of Lady Gaga devouring a unicorn carcass"

Artist Rose Briccetti created this work for Regretsy, an Etsy metablog, as a commissioned work. The creative brief spotted on Etsy and republished by Regretsy editrix "Helen Killer," demanded "Lady Gaga in one of her bizarre outfits hunched over a unicorn carcass, blood all around her mouth." Go check out the full-sized image at Regretsy, along with the story of how it came to be.

[via BB Submitterator, thanks Eric Harley! Note: an earlier version of this blog post implied that "Helen Killer" issued the creative request herself, and she did not. The language of this post has been clarified.]

They fart glitter

10 reasons it would rule to date a unicorn. Previously.

Comrade Commodore Unicorn

comradeunicorncommodore.jpg Sources: US Crimes at the Sinchon Museum, Old Computers

Pork Board takes bite out of Unicorn Meat spoof

unicornmeat.jpg The National Pork Board has threatened ThinkGeek with legal action over its Canned Unicorn Meat spoof product.
You have been marketing a product called "Radiant Farms Canned Unicorn Meat" using the slogan "Unicorn - the new white meat." ... National Pork Board is the owner of THE OTHER WHITE MEAT® in the United States and elsewhere around the world, and owns the following federal trademark registrations.
Excellent source of sparkles. The legal rationale in these situations is often that you can't let someone so much as whisper your trademark in vain lest it be genericized or otherwise diluted; thereby implying that the threat is empty, and just to demonstrate active defense of the mark should a 'real' case ever arise. But I'm sure someone got paid for writing that 12-page letter. OFFICIALLY OUR BEST-EVER CEASE AND DESIST [ThinkGeek via @laughingsuid]

Unicorn Meat

unicornmeat.jpg This canned meat product from ThinkGeek costs $10 and is an 'excellent source of sparkles.'

Robot Unicorn Attack

Access to robot unicorn coverage has been extended to millions of underchased horrible things.