Man arrested for egging 85-year-old neighbor's house over 100 times


Jason E. Kozan, 30, was charged by police in Euclid, Ohio with vandalizing his 85-year-old neighbor's house more than 100 times by pelting it with eggs.

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Mother arrested after taking her daughter and friends to throw eggs at homes and cars


A 44-year-old Utah woman has been charged with the class A misdemeanor of causing a catastrophe. Police said the woman, 44, drove her daughter and other kids around Ogden, South Ogden, Riverdale, and Washington Terrace to throw eggs at cars and houses.

From The Standard Examiner:

The group allegedly threw around 10 to 15 dozen eggs at 10 to 20 homes. Police were able to identify several victims, but know a few have gone unreported.

Damage to one home’s stucco cost $2,343 and damage to a car’s ignition cost $3,000, according to the affidavit. Other damage included broken screens, windows and ruined furniture. Some victims report they’ve been unsuccessful in completely cleaning up the egg.

Edith Massey would have been saddened to learn that so many eggs had gone to waste.


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