HOWTO bake anatomical heart-bread

Here's a fun set of instructions for baking anatomical heart-shaped bread that you rip apart and gorge upon:

Nothing says romance like ritual cannibalism. Use this anatomical heart pull apart loaf to pretend you’re vampires feasting on the heart of that asshole in HR who gave a promotion to Brad. Alternately, you could engage in a little Indiana Jones cosplay where the sexy archaeologist in your life can rescue you from having your heart ripped out by any other man. Gentlemen bakers, you could show up at your vegetarian girlfriend’s house triumphantly holding this and declaring you were successful in the hunt, so tonight you feast. There are so many ways to express your doughy love.

Bitchin’ Bread Battle Day 13: Valentine’s Day Anatomical Heart Pull Apart Bread (via Neatorama) Read the rest

Cryptofloricon: say (whatever) with flowers!

Ed sez,

Inspired by traditional Victorian floriography, writer and artist Ed Saperia developed a series of over 200 "flower codes", allowing you to express anything from a simple romantic gesture ("I adore you") to a loaded question ("Someone else?") or even an insult ("Creep!") using nothing but a few common flowers.

"We are a messaging culture, submerged in an endless deluge of communication. Sometimes, though, we are lost for words. This system makes it a little easier to say those difficult things." An online dictionary and decoder may be found at, and if you're in London from 8th-10th February a pop-up florist near Brick Lane will feature a range of bouquets spelling out the various codes.

Boing Boing's favourite will probably be three carnations, one lily and a gerbera, which translates to "Help, I'm trapped in a florist's!".

Cryptofloricon (Thanks, Ed!) Read the rest

Valentines from Brian Ewing

Boing Boing favorite Brian Ewing (Ghosbusters in a Rat Fink car, Anatomical Frankenstein) has a line of Valentine's cards with scratch-off secret messages:

I collaborated with animator CRANKBUNNY to create a nerdy and awesome Valentine scratch-off card. The card reveals one (of four) secret messages*  underneath a heart within a skeletal chest cavity. It can be used for more than just a traditional Valentine's card. Use the card to break up with someone. Quit your job. Or just to pay your rent late. Great for someone you love or hate any time of the year. Soften the blow or sweeten the deal...and be awesome while doing it! *1. Your Coffin Or Mine *2. Your Heart Belongs To Me *3. My Body's A Zombie For You *4. I've Got A Heart On For You


HOWTO make duct-tape roses

Here's DIYHacksandHowTos's great Instructables for making duct tape roses. The method is simple and produces a really beautiful (and romantically geeky) end-product.

Realistic Duct Tape Rose (via Craft) Read the rest

Blue Screen of Death heart

Here's a handsome Blue Screen of Death Valentine's heart. Kathrn Cramer calls it, "A stick-on icon for relationships with a blown motherboard: how to say its over on Valentine's Day."

Heart Sticker (Thanks, Kathryn!) Read the rest