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Gweek 052: Mystery in Space

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Portal companion cube puzzle box

[Video Link]

Genius animator Joaquin Baldwin, whose 3D-printed projects I've featured here before, says:

For the fans of the Portal games, this is the latest 3d-printed weirdness I made, a puzzle box. It was much harder than I expected, went through 2 prototypes to get it to work out, and I still had to fix a lot of things with a knife and sandpaper to get this model to work just right. Not for sale though, unless you wanna do the delicate carvings to fix it yourself :)

Gweek 051: Blair Butler of G4's Fresh Ink

My co-hosts for episode 51 of Boing Boing's podcast are Michael Pusateri, a lifelong tinkerer and former television tech executive for Disney, and Blair Butler, a writer, comedian, and G4's resident comic book expert.Read the rest

Gym machine modified to play Portal theme song (video)

[Video Link] A student modified this gym machine's CPU to play the theme song from Portal. Modding unlikely machines to play Portal is kind of a thing!

(thanks, jennybean42!)

Meet Japanese "human beatboxer" Hikakin (and prepare to be blown away by his video game theme remakes)

Video Link to a short feature on the very popular "human sound machine" Hikakin, who has a growing following within and beyond his native Japan. His YouTube channel is here, and well worth a subscribe. Below, his take on the Donkey Kong theme song.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix Reveals the Mystery of Dark Matter!!


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Brain Rot: Nostalgic Memories of the NES

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