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From Napkin to blog to book: Matta

MattaNapkinComedy writer John Matta has written for numerous comedy, sketch and cartoon shows, but he is most well-known for what he has written on napkins.

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Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War


Amid the real war reporting on Medium's online magazine War Is Boring is a profile of comics artist Wayne Vansant, who, at 65, is still drawing wartime comics with his signature attention to accuracy and detail.

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Spanish-language webcomic on piracy and distribution

Javier sez, "This is a Chilean comic strip. On this strip the character tries to legally purchase some content and can't due to several explained reasons. Then on the last square some distributors complain that sales are low and one of them says that it is due to piracy."

Juanelo 1680 – Accesible

Depression the Hyperbole and a Half way

Hyperbole and a Half, the brilliant, frenetic, illustrated memoir, tackles sudden depression, its effects and eventual cure in the long awaited new installment.

I spent months shut in my house, surfing the internet on top of a pile of my own dirty laundry which I set on the couch for "just a second" because I experienced a sudden moment of apathy on my way to the washer and couldn't continue. And then, two weeks later, I still hadn't completed that journey. But who cares - it wasn't like I had been showering regularly and sitting on a pile of clothes isn't necessarily uncomfortable. But even if it was, I couldn't feel anything through the self hatred anyway, so it didn't matter. JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE.

Adventures in Depression (via Beth Pratt)

Scenes From a Multiverse: wicked webcomic mixes science, net.humor, high weirdness

Scenes from a Multiverse, the delightfully weird webcomic from John Rosenberg (creator of the transcendently bizarre Goats, is now available in book form.Read the rest

Perry Bible Fellowship comic on space exploration

Love this Perry Bible Fellowship strip on the celestio-centric view of human life.

Sexism flamewars explained in webcomic form

Gabby from the Gabby's Playhouse webcomic produced this 2010 installment that neatly summarizes every discussion about gender on the net; click through below for the whole thing.

In which we betray our gender (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)