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Level cities with your strange squid song


Imagine that one day a giant squid materialized in the sky over a city like an Elder God, singing the song that will end the world. Imagine that you are that squid.

Such is your remit in Modulocean, a game made by Octurnip for the A Game by Its Cover jam, where developers made real games inspired by fake (but delightful) art for Famicom game cartridges.


The game is alternately titled Whale of Noise; you can also be a giant whale.

Your song changes as you experiment with with a series of glyphs floating in bubbles beneath your sea creature, moving them in and out of the sphere where they reside. Different combinations will cause strange reverberations; some will even level the city below you. Is there any rhyme or reason to your unholy might?

Whale of Noise - Modulocean is free to download for Windows and Mac.


Video: Rare white humpback whale sighting

Humpback whales with albinism are extremely rare, so it was a real treat when one appeared off the coast of Australia this week.

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Anniversary of the Blue Whale at London's Natural History Museum

Whale5400 450x219

Like the T. rex skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History, the blue whale model at London's Natural History Museum is the institution's unofficial mascot. The life-sized model (28.3 meters long) is now 75 years old. New Scientist tells the story of its birth:

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Beautiful short film about decomposition of a whale carcass

When an animal as big as a whale dies, its body becomes a whole new ecosystem. One whale carcass can support other forms of life for 50-to-75 years—basically as long as the whale itself lived.

This gorgeous video (I am not kidding. You will not need a unicorn chaser.) illustrates how that cycle works, using paper cutouts and simple puppetry. It's mesmerizing and enlightening.

The video was made for a Radiolab episode about whale falls, and was put together by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman. Amazing work!

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Thanks to Ferris Jabr