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Homeland Security worker's triple homicide was blue moon ritual killing, says Florida Sheriff


A Florida Sheriff said today that authorities are investigating a triple homicide in Pensacola as a possible ritual killing connected to the recent blue moon. The suspect was a Department of Homeland Security employee who worked at a local Naval base, with “ties to witchcraft,” whatever that means to the authorities.

There's no talk of terrorism because he was also white.

The sheriff says the suspect was a "Wiccan," but even if you think Wiccans are eccentric weirdos, their well-documented traditions do not involve killing people.

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The Witches' Frolic: 18th-19th century illustrated book on how witches like to party


Scans of a wonderful 19th century book (with 18th-century origins) about witches are making the internet rounds anew. Above and below, 20 pages from 'The Witches Frolic' by Thomas Ingoldsby, with illustrations by Ernest M. Jessop.

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Lithograph of the Salem Witch Trials

Salem witch trials lithograph 715 jpg 600x0 q85 upscale

Joseph E. Baker's "Witch No. 1" (1892) is a stunning lithograph illustrating the imagined events that are part of the mythology of the horrific Salem Witch Trials of the late 17th century. To learn more, check out Smithsonian's "Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials."

Editor exorcises demons

Justine Cullen, editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Elle, has reportedly dealt with the revived publication's demons in literal fashion. [Daily Life]