Wonder Woman as a symbol of progress

In this new upload, video essayist KaptainKristian explores the history of Wonder Woman as a progressive symbol. Read the rest

Check out the new Wonder Woman trailer

Love the golden lariat!

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Twinsies! Wonder Woman and her stunt double (c.1975)

Lynda Carter, the Wonder Woman of 1970s television, with stunt double Jeannie Epper. If you're not hip to the only screen Wonder Woman that matters, watch the original title sequence below.

In your satin tights, Fighting for your rights And the old Red, White and Blue.

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Cute Wonder Woman lunchbox banned from school for being too violent

Not sure if it's the scary-looking lasso or the ass-kicking red boots, but a school on Mainstreet, USA banned this dangerous Wonder Woman lunchbox from campus. Said school sent a letter to the lunchbox-toting owner's home, telling her parents that their daughter can't bring "violent images" onto campus. Sheesh. Here is the letter, brought to us by themarysue.com:

Good thing my daughter chose a solid color for her lunchbox this year!

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Superhero portraits in the style of Dutch masters

Parisian photographer Jackie Tadeoni Sacha Goldberger created this wonderful series of superheroes (and Snow White!) as subjects of Baroque Flemish portraits. Read the rest

Wonder Woman, live action (very) short film

"Wonder Woman," a live action short by Rainfall Films. "It's a scant two and half minutes, but in the end, it's one hundred and fifty seconds of pure fantasy, where I get to consider the two sides of my favorite warrior: a crusader in man's world, and a paragon of virtue told through Greek mythology," says director Sam Balcomb. Read the rest