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KontrolFreek improves my Xbox One controller

KontrolFreek FPS Freek CQC Signature - Xbox One

KontrolFreek's Close Quarters Combat joystick extenders have greatly improved my Xbox One experience. I am not sure my game play is any better, but my hands hurt far less.

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Xbox One can see your naughty bits

Microsoft's Xbox One's Kinect is not only "completely reengineered to be more precise, responsive and intuitive" it's like X-Ray Specs that really work!

The Xbox One Has A Wee Dong Problem (Thanks, Bob!)

Blackwater video game lets you control war criminals with your Kinect

Erik Prince, the founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater (dropped from the roster of US military contractors due to their participation in horrific war crimes), has done a deal with 505 Games to produce an XBox 360 shooter game that will be controlled by Kinect motion-sensors. It's just the latest turn for the war criminals at Blackwater, who renamed their business "Xe" and hired John Ashcroft to serve as their ethics officer. For more on Blackwater's past, see Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army.
"This game and its immersive Kinect-based approach will give players the chance to experience what it is like to be on a Blackwater team on a mission without being dropped into a real combat situation," Prince said in a statement issued by 505. The game was developed with in conjunction with former Blackwater members "to ensure accuracy of moves, gestures and gameplay," the 505 release said. "The game also features a selection of officially-licensed weapons for your soldier to choose from."
Real-Life Mercenaries to Star in Blackwater, the Videogame

Judge in Xbox hacker trial unloads both barrels on the prosecution

U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez opened the trial of alleged Xbox hacker Matthew Crippen with a bang yesterday, berating the prosecution for calling government witnesses who admitted to committing crimes but asking these crimes to be kept secret from the jury; for their theories relating to fair use, and for a "laundry list" of other complaints. The public dressing down went on so long that it actually drew a crowd, and it ended with prosecutor Allen Chiu saying, "I apologize to the court," whereupon the trial was suspended.
Among the judge's host of complaints against the government was his alarm that prosecutors would put on two witnesses who may have broken the law.

One is Entertainment Software Association investigator Tony Rosario, who secretly video-recorded defendant Matthew Crippen allegedly performing the Xbox mod in Crippen's Los Angeles suburban house. The defense argues that making the recording violates California privacy law. The other witness is Microsoft security employee Ken McGrail, who analyzed the two consoles Crippen allegedly altered. McGrail admitted that he himself had modded Xboxes in college.

Xbox-Modding Judge Berates Prosecution, Puts Trial on Hold (via /.)

(Image: FP GoW, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from novasonicmods's photostream)

Terrified feds try to bar Bunnie Huang from testifying at Xbox jailbreaking trial

Bunnie "Chumby" Huang, whose Hacking the Xbox is a reverse-engineer's bible, has been asked to testify at the trial of Anaheim's Matthew Crippen, who faces three years in prison for jailbreaking Xbox 360s (that is, modding them so that they could run software that Microsoft hadn't authorized). But federal prosecutors have asked the judge to prevent Bunnie from testifying.
The 35-year-old Huang argues that mod-chipping is not a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which makes it unlawful to circumvent technology designed to prevent copyright infringement. He said he hopes to prove that point to jurors via a step-by-step tutorial.

"Basically, what he did was insufficient on his own to violate anything," Huang said in a recent telephone interview from Singapore, where he serves as vice president of hardware and general manager for Chumby's operations in Asia.

Additionally, Huang said, the DMCA should be interpreted to allow for "fair use" exemptions, so chipping a console for legitimate purposes would be permitted, even if it is found to be a circumvention.

The U.S. Copyright Office, he noted, just granted an exception to the DMCA to allow the jailbreaking of cellphones, and the iPhone in particular, allowing the iPhone to run third-party apps not approved by Apple. Modding a game console should be treated the same way, he said.

Prosecutors Seek to Block Xbox Hacking Pioneer From Mod-Chip Trial