DJ Molles closes out The Remaining series

The Remaining: Extinction

I'm half way through DJ Molle's recently released, final book in The Remaining series, Extinction. This post-zombie America adventure captures the genre perfectly!

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Blue Plague: The Fall, a prepper fantasy

Blue Plague

Preppers vs zombies is a genre sure to keep me laughing. Blue Plague: The Fall, by Thomas A. Watson, is ridiculous and brutal.

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Apocalypticon, a hilarious post-apocalyptic novel

Who says post-apocalyptic fiction has to be dreary? In Apocalypticon the end of the world is absolutely hilarious.

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Zombie poodle

Zombie Poodle, an unsourced net-finding, shows how a little creative dog grooming can turn even the cutest dog-breeds into shambling zombies.

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Zombies burst from monster pumpkin

Inhabitat has a great gallery of photos of sculptor Ray Villafane's zombies carved out of the world's largest pumpkin at the New York Botanical Garden:

Last week, we brought you news that the world's largest pumpkin was going under the knife, and now we have actual photos of the carving in action! We were on the scene yesterday at the New York Botanical Garden, as carving master Ray Villafane whittled away sections of the 1,818.5 lb pumpkin to reveal an incredibly intricate three-dimensional scene of zombies and demons busting out of the orange shell.

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Zombie in a Penguin Suit: poignant short film

This short film, "Zombie in a Penguin Suit," is a very high-production-value, often scary, and ultimately very touching seven-minute short film by Chris Russell. It's a good example of how a gimmick played for laughs -- the titular penguin suit -- can become a real emotional touchstone because it seems like such a lightweight gag at first.

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