Zombie apocalypse survival likelihood calculator


How long would you survive in a zombie apocalypse? Residents of the United Kingdom can find out using this location-based survival calculator. Read the rest

Nick Cole wrote an uplifting, zombie apocalypse love story

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Nick Cole's novels are hard to put down, and as usual I read straight through The End of the World as We Knew It. This story is reminiscent of his stellar, post-apocalyptic Wasteland saga, as it introduces us to the civilization that replaced ours, several generations down the line, after a zombie apocalypse wipes us out.

Cole's new society reveres and seeks to preserve the past. Through three of recorded stories of survivors, two as society fell, and one as humanity achieves victory over the undead, we see that humankind might have been worth fighting for.

The characters are deep and grab you right away. Every page results in a surprise, new information, or fantastic action as this fast paced adventure takes off and doesn't stop til you are done. Cole's imagery is vivid and sets an emotional atmosphere as well, be prepared to be tired out if your tear through the novel in one sitting, like I did.

The End of the World as We Knew It is free via available on Kindle Unlimited Read the rest

Nerd heroes read "There's a Zombie in My Treehouse"


Len Peralta writes, "Ken Plume, John Robinson and I have been releasing different celebrity readings of our book There's A Zombie In My Treehouse just in time for Halloween. We've been releasing one track a day for the past week and a half up until Halloween. Some of the readers include Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants/Adventure Time), Billy West (Futurama), Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and the whole cast of MST3K. Upcoming celebrity readers include The Venture Brothers Doc Hammer and Jackson Public, John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton. It's a fun read and listen for Halloween." Read the rest

Howto make Zombie Mouth cupcakes


The severed, animated, flopping zombie appendage is a staple of horror films, and these zombie-mouth cupcakes look like someone has decorated an amuse-bouche with a bouche coupé. Read the rest

HOWTO make a realistic brain-cake for your zombie parties


How To Cake It's "Deep Red Velvet Brain Cake with Fondant Brain Tissue and Raspberry Jam Blood" is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, only it has to be seen to be believed. Read the rest

$2 Kindle deal: The Zombie Survival Guide


Max Brook's The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead is a completely straight faced manual for survival in zombie-infested world. It's a brilliant piece of fiction that I think about often, years after reading it. It goes into detail about how the zombie virus is transmitted, zombie behavior, improvised defense weapons, prepping your home or fortress, surviving on the run, and much more. Right now Amazon is selling it as a Kindle ebook for just $2. Read the rest

Kickstarting a volume of feminist bicycle zombie science fiction

Elly writes, "We're running a Kickstarter to try to give the feminist-bicycle-scifi-about-zombies genre a big leg up." Read the rest

Take a Walking Dead cruise this January... if you dare!


If watching the AMC series and attending Walker Stalker Con just isn't enough, Walking Dead fans now have a horror cruise to look forward to. On January 15, the 3-day Walker Stalker Cruise will "escape" Miami, FL and head to Nassau, Bahamas on the Norwegian Pearl. Survivors will be treated to a mobile zombie-themed convention and will get to rub elbows with Walking Dead actors such as Norman Reedus (Daryl), Chandler Riggs (Carl), Emily Kinney (Beth), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and others. Some of the activities include Q&As and panel discussions with the actors, gaming, costume contests, and late night parties. Prices start at $750 and early registration ends July 5th. For more details go to the Walker Stalker Cruise site. Read the rest

Zombie-head string lights

Nothing says garden-party like glowing walker heads dangling over the patio -- $25 for a string of ten heads. Read the rest

The Awesome: ass-kicking girl monster-hunter FTW!

Eva Darrows's debut novel The Awesome features the most sarcastic, raunchiest, bad-ass-est heroine in recent YA history -- monster hunting has never been so outrageous.

Zombies in Disney World

Mari Mancusi has brought "Razor Girl," her out-of-print, post-apocalyptic novel about zombies and Walt Disney World, back as a free ebook under a new title: Tomorrowland. Read the rest

Jews vs zombies and aliens vs sexual abuse

Lavie Tidhar writes, "Jews vs Zombies and Jews vs Aliens will be published as e-book originals on March 19th, and are currently available for pre-orders (a limited paperback will follow)." Read the rest

Eat your cereal out of a zombie's rotting brainpan

Or better yet, some kind of greyish custard: $13 from Thinkgeek, dishwasher/microwave safe. (via Geeky Merch) Read the rest

The Apocalypse (The Undead World Series Book 1)

I'm back to reading about zombies! Peter Meredith's The Apocalypse is a very different take on the standard zombie story.

Read the rest

Lecture on zombies, art, and death

Zombie artist George Pfau sends us, "Zombies Identified: A slideshow-lecture performed for BAASICS 5:Monsters, a free event at ODC Theater in San Francisco." Read the rest

Laser-cut record clocks

Vinyl Record Eaters is Greg Durt's Etsy store for laser-cut record-clocks (made from unplayable, scratched records) that sport clever silhouettes from pop culture: Daryl from Walking Dead, Walking Dead execution, Lightsaber battle, Hobbit march, Godzilla eats New York and cities of the world! Read the rest

Festus Rotgut: Zombie Cowboy -- 6-pack comic book

Presented for your entertainment: a complete zombie comic story, told on beer bottle labels. By Jason Aaron and Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore.

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