Zulu Pearls - "No Heroes No Honeymoons" (MP3) - Boing Boing Exclusive!

Sound it Out # 30: Zulu Pearls - "No Heroes No Honeymoons"

Zulu Pearls is a fellow named Zach Van Hoozer who moved from Washington DC to Berlin a couple of years ago.  He’s been working on the record with producer Nick Anderson for three years while plugging away at bar shifts and day jobs.

I like this song very, very much. It’s groovy and slightly sinister and I can’t get it out of my head. It has a kind of restless energy that makes you want to do something exciting and possibly embarrassing.

The new Zulu Pearls album in out 9/18 and is full of spare and soulful tunes such as this one. It’s called No Heroes No Honeymoons, just like the song. Read the rest